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    Default My weekend

    \My friends 21st, so we all went out got a hotel room went to the casino and club. I did some pre gaming since can't drink in public legally' had 3 mixed drinks and a double shot. So then we got a taxi van and went to the casino, where i preceded to lose my friends ID, she was pissed. I was like well why'd you leave it with me? Me and are other friend were the only drunk ones at the time. We found it situation defused. Now I'm starting to sober up and no one would get me a drink. Move on to the club. everyone gets drinks but me. I'm a baby they put X's on my hands. Everyone goes to dance leave me to watch everything.
    start drinking everyones drinks when bouncers aren't looking. Convince my friends to buy me some shots. Got one called a dirty girl scout. Very delicious. Then a shot of fireball. Starting to feel good again. go on to the dance floor. I'm dancing having a good time stealing sips off my friends drinks as thy pass by, honestly don't even think the bouncers care. last call and club closes. Get another taxi to go back to the hotel. Make another drink (Kraken and Cherry Pepsi incase you were wondering)Everyones pretty sloshed having a good time at this point. Then a few people in the bathroom, i'm like whats going on here. Its feels time. 3 of us are in there Just opening up listening to shit weve been through. I'm sitting in the bathtub my sharing my experience. felt good Since i never talk about it. probably life 4am now. everyones turning down to sleep. two beds, 7 people. the two couples get the beds. The birthday girl slept on the window ledge thing. Me and our lesbian friend have to sleep on floor. The made us a little bed of blankets. I end up cuddling like hardcore with her. we wake up still a little drunk, everyones snoring. We go searching hotel for breakfast. We get some eggs wafles and a bagel. Half my bagel got stuck in the toaster. burnt my finger trying to get it out so i just left it. Go back upstairs eat go back to sleep again. Everyone wakes up now, 930. There all like man stefan you were really cuddling with her last night. yeah i know blah we all make fun of how everyone slept. snored etc. clean room go home end weekend. 10/10 great weekend would do again.

    So how was your guys weekend?

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    There all like man stefan you were really cuddling with her last night.
    I lost it lol
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    Cuddles are awesome!

    Sounds like a fun weekend, Khaos
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    my weekend was amazing. had sex. and cuddles. and lots of drinking with friends.

    your story is gonna be my up coming saturday in nuremburg. friends birthday is friday, but we're working. so saturday is gonna be crazy!!!
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