I remember Rayne once posted about doing the great nofap challenge, then he gave up two days later calling it stupid. Many lols were had... but I digress.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, it's an internet movement that's rapidly been building a following in recent years. The concept behind it is that being addicted to pornography destroys one's dopamine receptors. Less dopamine receptors/less dopamine leads to a lack of motivation, a lack of energy and a lack of feeling generally happy. Thus, a lot of males have been giving up the porn and going on nofap in the hopes of self-improvement.

I tried it myself in July for the first time voluntarily. I will admit I was skeptical, but I found myself driven whenever I thought of telling Rayne I was able to last longer than he was and also the various threads detailing the nofap adventures and benefits experienced by other people on the internet. Mostly I was unsure of whether or not there would be any benefits because of two things: firstly, it was quite possible everything that went towards nofap being some sort of miracle benefactor of the people was simply placebo; secondly, I'm not really the type of person who is cut out for nofap - I don't have confidence problems; I tend to be pretty happy most of the time (these days at least, haha); I don't have problems pulling girls in social settings; I don't even watch pornography.

But I decided to do it anyway!

As this all took place a few months ago and I have a terrible memory, everything feels sort of fuzzy. But I do remember that it really wasn't easy. They say it gets better but it doesn't. General horniness increased a ridiculous amount. To deal with this and not succumb to my primal urges, begging for a dopamine rush, I distracted myself by working out hard; making an increased effort to talk to people; writing; playing music. I've read there's supposed to be periods of flatlining, where you fall into an extreme depression and lose all ability to feel aroused for a short amount of time but I didn't experience that myself.

I lasted thirty-two days. That's just over a month until I 'relapsed'. It was only in the third and fourth week that I began to notice any, well, noticeable changes. For example, I went to my friend's party and people were complimenting me on how my face appeared to be 'glowing'. I would put this down to an increased amount of time spent outdoors or just not looking at the computer screen. This was down to the fact that it's too easy for the internet to compromise a nofap attempt. My acne cleared up a good bit. Girls were actively starting conversations with me/blatantly hitting on me. What I noticed most of all was that whilst I usually have to try not to give a fuck about things, I suddenly found that I didn't give a fuck about things. It was a strange juxtaposition - it was as if I felt motivated to pursue all of my interests but socially, my apathy was off the scales.

Another effect of nofap - probably the most obvious one, actually - is the fact that your standards drop. I always reckon I do well for myself with the opposite sex because I have very high standards and I still pull somewhat regularly, but I was on fire towards the end of nofap. Went to a club to celebrate results in August and within the first half an hour (this is after four litres of lager and a few cokes and vodkas had been consumed, mind) I was just standing beside the bar, which is situated a good bit above the dancefloor, and I was just watching everyone dance. A girl caught my eye and I beckoned her over, leaned down and started kissing her without even saying anything. I then went on to pull two other girls throughout the night (which I'm still pretty impressed with because I was sitting in the same seat when I pulled both of them, though not at the same time). I'm not sure if nofap leads one to radiate testosterone. It probably does. That, combined with apathy, seems to be a magnet for women.

Placebo? The real deal? I still have no clue. This is attempt number two and I'm currently on day three, I'll tell you if I see my quality of life marginally improve once more.