Where I was in a dark set of carpeted chambers with the only light coming from small cracks in the walls and the exit. The ceilings were really low so I had to crawl on my hands and knees, it was hot and stuffy. The dream started where I woke up and found myself in said place but there was this feeling of grogginess and desperation, a feeling of anxiety like I overslept and had to get out at all costs because I was there longer than I should have been. I finally crawled out the exit to find myself in a waiting room of sorts with suffocating honey yellow wooden walls. A man was saying something to me as I exited but I forget what, it had the feeling like he was trying to direct me but I was too busy telling him that I needed help knowing where I was. I then saw several people in my family pass me. I tried to get their attention but they only looked at me for a moment, never stopping and walking on as if disgusted or disappointed in me. I then woke up to get myself ready for another day of work.

Some one interpret this dream for me.