So with XY now out, its time to get underway with XY discussion, team building, discussion, battling, and perhaps even writing analyses.

First off, lets go down with the relevant XY changes, if you have anything to add please say it and I will add it to the OP:
-The Introdution of the Fairy Type and some other type changes ie steel no longer resists dark and ghost. Type chart.
-Confirmed Fairy-types.
-Critical Hits now do 1.5x damage
-Sleep no longer resets if you switch out
-New Pokemon Attacks
-List of New Items
-List of New Pokemon
-A few selected old Pokemon have new base stats
-Mega-Evolutions: basically in order to mega-evolve you have to have a Mega-Stone and use it in battle. The mega-evolution takes priority over moves (not switching though. Mega-evolutions stay evolved until the end of the battle and can't be unevolved. You can mega-evolve once per battle. List of know Mega-Evolutions.
-Defog gets rid of hazards on both sides of the field when used.
-Hidden Power has been reduced to 60 base Power, a variety of other special attacks have also been decreased in power
-Sticky Web is a new entry hazard that lowers the speed by one stage upon switching in. Known Users: Shuckle, Galavantula, Ariador, Smeargle
-Moves like Wrap, Sand tomb, and Infestation knock off 1/8 HP each turn now

One can play a beta version of this metagame on Pokemon Showdown, it is only available via challenging someone else though, no ladder. Currently there are no Ubers in XY.