I am still trying to beat Platinum and had a Thunderstone so I evolved my lv 26 Eevee into a Jolteon.

Right now this is what I have

lv. 30
Modest nature (didn't even realize this until after I evolved him haha)
HP 86
Attack 41
Defense 48
Sp. Atk 83
Sp. Def 70
Speed 87

Ability - Volt Absorb

Double Kick
Quick Attack
(have not raised many levels and only recently started playing around with him)

Right now he is being awesome with Thunderbolt and even killing things almost ten levels higher than him, but I'm looking at this for the future:

Shadow Ball
Signal Beam
Last Resort (more like a placeholder at this point)

I just want him to be a straight attacker, wondering if this is what I should aim for? I am not planning on EV training because ughhhh F that, and am not really going for truly competitive but was interested in just how far I can take him haha xD