what websites do you fags check daily for information etc. i dont mean like "pd, facebook, horsedick.com, etc" that no one cares about.


lemonde.fr - french news because im cool and sophisticated

marginalrevolution.com - blog run by a noted libertarian economist. actually makes some interesting posts though and usually has 2 posts every day with interesting links

nakedcapitalism.com - good MMT economics blog but mainly i go here because every day there's a long post with links to interesting news stories that i'd never seek out myself

neweconomicperspectives.org - the hardcore very politically left wing MMT blog, lots of political invective which is nice but a lot of very in depth and informative posts also. plus there's basically a group of bloggers who are affiliated with this so you get the best of updates of like 10 good blogs without having to go to all of them