updated 18 DEC 2013
Welcome to Friend Safari Thread

Here you will find which Friend Safari type for each Pokedream member belongs to and the pokemon they have in their Friend Safari.
They are organized by PD Username, followed by their Name used in Pokemon X or Y, then which 3 pokemon appear, their Mii name, and finally their Friend Code.

Click on the Types below to view members of that Safari.

If you would like to be added to this list please read below. Check in periodically for updates to this list and if
you're wondering I will be updating every Sunday. So please don't worry if your information doesn't appear immediately.

How to Add to the list

Message me with the following information:

*click me*

  • Character's Name in Pokemon
  • The Mii your 3DS uses
  • and your 3DS friend code

Mii Name:Leo | FriendCode:0344 - 9299 - 0936
BUG | Combee | Beautifly | Pinsir

Also, if you happen to know your type and the pokemon found within your Friend Safari please include that in your message.
And if there is information that you don't know or don't want to share you may omit that area of information.

The reason why I require your 3DS Mii Name because in the Friend Safari lists, players are displayed by their Mii Name (not the name used in Pokemon X or Y).
Knowing the Mii Name will help players recognize who they are adding.