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Thread: Is there a way to get tickets?

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    Default Is there a way to get tickets?

    i have been reading about these tickets in Pokemon Emerald to get mew...... i was reading more into it and i read that i need to go to pokemon event (in the real world, i would assume)......... is there anyway around it?
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    Hiya alostknight, unfortuneatly i have found out that the real world pokemon event is in japan!!! what a bummer, i read this in a Pokemon guide.

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    If I'm not mistaken they hold events all over the world, so that all pokemon fans can get mew, however if you don't want to go to the events you can always just cheat to get the mew, I know gameshark worked for the old games if you get the right code. Other than that you can find something valuable enough to someone who has a mew already so they will trade it to you.

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