Naruto Episode Summaries

Episode 135: The Promise I Couldn't Keep

Kakashi carries a beaten Naruto on his back. A few Konoha nins catch up and Kakashi briefs them that Naruto is fine but no one knows where Sasuke is. He learns that the other genin are undergoing emergency treatment. Shikamaru had minor injuries and Kiba's wound isn't life threatening, but Neji and Choji are in critical condition and their recovery is uncertain.

Back at the hospital, Tsunade is doing all she can to save Neji and Choji while Kiba's sister tends to Akamaru's wounds. The muscles in his legs were damaged, so he'll have to stay off his feet for awhile, but he'll be ok.

Neji, on the other hand, is undergoing Konoha's version of surgery. The medical nin have been engaged in a 3 hour ritual to stitch Neji's wound closed using his hair as a medium and lots of their own chakra.

Shikamaru sits outside the waiting room trying to come to terms with his own failure of leadership. Temari isn't helping. She lectures him on how combat is different than training. Doubt overcomes him and he begins to think that maybe he wasn't cut out to be a shinobi after all. When she asks if he's afraid of being hurt, he walks away.

Dad happens to be standing in a nearby corridor and gives Shikamaru a pep talk. He's a spineless coward and even if he quits now, his friends will be assigned to a new leader. Then, they might all die. But, if his friends do mean something to him, he should use this as a learning experience and become great for their sake - so that the next mission will end in success.

Tsunade exits the emergency room to brief everyone that Neji's in stable condition and that Kakashi has returned with Naruto. She tells Shikamaru that his mission was a failure, but most importantly, everyone returned alive. He breaks into tears and vows to be successful next time.

Meanwhile, Sasuke has made it to Orochimaru's lair where his new sensei happily tells him that he is his chosen one. Sasuke isn't impressed. He seeks power. Kabuto isn't pleased with Sasuke's lack of respect and tries to explain that the person with them is Orochimaru, though he looks different from what Sasuke might remember. Sasuke retaliates by making it very clear that he won't take kindly to orders from anyone and emits a massive amount of chakra to show his intent.

Naruto sits in his hospital bed dreading the moment when he'll have to face Sakura and admit he broke his promise. Shikamaru comes in to visit first, and as Naruto recounts the outcome to his team leader, Sakura listens by the door. Ino, on the other hand, decides to visit Choji, who should regain consciousness soon thanks to Tsunade.

Tsunade decides to check in on Naruto and Sakura follows him inside. He immediately apologizes, but she tries to remain upbeat and jokes that he looks like a mummy. Again, he apologizes and vows to keep his promise. That's his way of the ninja.

Once his visitors have left, Naruto reflects on events and decides that once he heals, he'll take another crack at going after Sasuke. There's an explosion outside his window and Jiraiya appears with news of the Akatsuki. They'll be after him in 3-4 years. Until that time, Jiraiya will personally train him. But Naruto can only think of rescuing Sasuke before Orochimaru kills him and declines the offer.

Jiraiya counters that Sasuke will be ok for 3 years. Orochimaru got tired of waiting for Sasuke and used his Immortality technique. Now, he must wait 3 years before using it again.

Finally, Jiraiya tries to dissuade Naruto from making the same mistake he did years ago. When Orochimaru left the Sennin so long ago, Jiraiya tried to convince him otherwise. He was a fool for thinking he could change Orochimaru and Naruto would be one too if he went after Sasuke - especially after their last battle. Still, Naruto's not ready to give up hope on his friend.

Elsewhere, the Akatsuki assemble for their first meeting since Orochimaru left 7 years ago. Orochimaru now has the Sharingan but they needn't worry about that just yet. They have 3 years to complete all their missions and capture the Kyuubi.