I'm finally out of school mode and back in PokeDream mode. Over the next three months, you can expect to see many improvements around the site, major updates, and maybe new sections. I will have the responsibility to refresh my knowledge on HTML, CSS, PHP (especially), and web design in general, for I have spent too long in school working with software languages such as Java and C (for those of you who know what I'm talking about). So, there is a ton of work on my part, but I will enjoy the work.

For the future, I plan on coming up with interesting web applications and more efficient ways of managing the site, perhaps making more use of databases and dynamically generated pages. I hope to use what I've learned about computers in the past school year to effectively bring Pokemon Dream to another level, to be able to provide top quality content and be able to compete with other top Pokemon sites at the same level. I assure you that good things are to come for this site.

For the moment, I've added new guides for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, thanks to the generous contributions of a few people. I've (unfortunately) just started on the walkthrough, so expect that up in a while...that's it for now.