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I think that human qualities are actually godly qualities. Although i think christian beleif is a bunch of bull I still think that if god does exist we were created not to be able to grasp a concept of how exactly he came to be and how powerful he is becuase of our lack of faith and our literal qualities that were gained from eating the evil apples which fused our kind with evil. They have even found a gigantic eye in a different galaxy that just happens to blink occasionally and constantly looks into our galaxy, ironically they call it the eye of god and science cannot explain it becuase its not meant to explain religious things, it was meant to explain things around the world in a way that we feel we can understand, proof of the eye of god has not been published to the public yet becuase it might send an uproar but i just happened to hack into a file that had it.
When you have proof that you can show us I will believe this crap. Until then, I doubt anyone but a complete idiot will believe it.