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    Well, this is the thread where I shall post of my trek across thy Earth to find the land that is known as "PD."

    I was going to do a Bible reflecting PD, but you know....

    January 23, 2007
    "My first location on my search for my father, was in a land of thy strange... California. During my scan of a "convention center" in this Los Angeles, I fell apon something they called an "anime convention."
    This was thy wierdest assembly of thy insane. In public, people dressed in what is called casual wear, but in here, people wore strange clothing. The most prominant was a long, blonde haired boy in a red oversuit. They wore white gloves and had a strange design on the back. When someone was dressed like this, women flocked to it. I learnd this thy hard way as I was attacked by thy savage beast of female. They acted as if this man was a holy man. Once I said he was too small, meaning too young to be such, they all chased me out.
    It truly was the most terrifying day of my life."

    More to cometh.

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    Sorry sir, bibles burn in this realm.

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