So I was using the computer an hour ago, and my 9-year-old brother's screaming at my mom because he doesn't want to do his homework. Apparently, he's got a project due and he waited to the last minute (I think that runs in the family), but he'd much rather play Star Fox Assault on the Gamecube. His excuse is that he "only has an hour of freetime after school," which is a load of bullshit because he's home from 3:15 to 7, swims from 7 to 8, and then is free again from 8 to 10 or 11. Apparently, playing with his friends doesn't count as freetime, but whatever.

After my mother hurled a bunch of empty threats at him (my mother will always tell him he can't do such and such because he misbehaved, and then "forgets" about the punishment a few hours later) he finally came downstairs, albeit grudgingly, to do his homework.

From their discussion, I collected that my brother is doing a project on meerkats. Eventually he came into the computer room and told me that he needed to use the computer for his project. I got off but told him not to exit out of the programs I've got running on the computer. My brother immediately began to shout at me, complaining that if he has more than four windows open, the computer will freeze, because apparently my AIM list, a blank Word document, and two Internet Explorer windows is very stressful for the computer. We got into a mini argument because he didn't like how I told him that he knows nothing about computers if he thinks that it's going to freeze. Eventually I wandered off, and then I was called back by my mother to type up his project and help him search for pictures of meerkats on the internet.

First of all, why doesn't this kid know how to type? I knew how to type in fourth-grade. In fourth grade, they teach you how to type, yet he continues to make other people type up his things because he's lazy. And second, why am I the one doing this? It's not my project. Third, why does he not know how to use the internet proficiently? He doesn't know how to type in a web address. Hmm, let's see, I knew that by what, second grade? He also apparently does not know how to copy pictures into word, or change the color of the font, or center his text. I'm confused here. I thought kids were supposed to be getting more technologically advanced.

Maybe the reason for this is laziness. For instance, my brother still does not know how to tie his shoes. This is not a fine motor problem or something that's out of his control. It's very simple, really. He has had slip-on shoes all his life, and when offered sneakers, he rejects them because he says he doesn't want to go through the hassle of learning how to tie his shoes. I knew this by kindergarten. Another thing is he doesn't know how to cut up his own food. When offered lessons on how to do it, he complains that it's easier for my parents to do it for him. My parents, of course, cater to him and cut his food for him, and therefore he never learns.

Come to think of it, it probably is laziness. Tch tch tch.