Here are the rules for the PokeDream Forums. It explains what you can and cannot do. If you want to remain a happy member of this message board, you must follow these rules!

What You Can Do

PokeDream Forums is a part of Pokemon Dream, and in a simple sentence: It's a place for people to talk about Pokemon. This is what members can do:

1. Talk about Pokemon
2. Talk about Pokemon Dream
3. Talk about other appropriate things in the Miscellaneous Discussions forum
4. Send private messages to each other
5. Have fun -- by any means necessary

That's what you can do. However, you can do more than that at certain times, as some forums gives you special priviledges. Below is what you can't do, which is much longer than what you can do.

What You Can't Do

PokeDream Forums have limits on certain things which most other Pokemon message boards have. These restrictions must be followed. You don't want to follow them? Well, I'm sorry, but you'll have a leave. Below are a few things that you can't do.


SPAM are stupid, pointless, and annoying messages that appear a lot in any message board. An example of SPAM would be replying "Yes" to someone's message. That's a one word reply, and will not be tolerated. In order to post a message or reply to one, it must contain at least three (3) words. Why am I setting this rule? Simply because most people hate SPAM, especially me. Not only that, a stupid and pointless message takes up space, wastes bandwidth, and messes up a good thread.
Another method considered as SPAMing would be posting a reply or topic and then replying to it before anyone else does. If you need to add more to your message, simply edit it.

If, however, you do post SPAM, you will be notified either by a reply to your message or through Private Messaging on the message board. Depending on how much you SPAM, you will be warned several times, and then you'll be deleted and permanently banned from the board.


The only place you may advertise another website is in the Webmasters' Forum or your signature. Advertising in posts will not be allowed. You can, however, post links to official websites, such as or You will also be notified a few times if you do advertise, and then you're gone.

Watch Your Language

Please refrain from using bad words. PokeDream Forums do censor a few bad words. Even so, you just can't type that kind of language. We want to keep this message board PG-13, so anything above that is basically violating this rule. Of course, you cannot put fritosography or anything like that either.

The above is pretty much all the rules. We're not trying to be mean or anything, but those are the basic rules ANY message board should have. Many boards have even more restrictions. You must follow these, or we'll boot you out faster than you can say "Oops".