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Thread: Pokemon Legendery dogs

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    Default Pokemon Legendery dogs

    In this world there are three
    and soon enough you shall see (tune of high school musical bop top)
    there are only three to be seen
    so come along fufill your dream
    just keep going faster
    untill your a master
    There legendery now i know your keen (You shout on this sentance)

    Open your eyes
    pack your supplies
    one purifies water
    Don't be long
    just keep going on
    Get your master balls
    don't you slack
    there's no going back
    One lives in volcanoes
    the last one lives on thunder ain't it cool
    so don't give up

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    what...the...fuck? And why does everyone love High School Musical it's an abomination even for Disney.
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    High school music is horrible. Plain and simple. I make fun of kids at my school that like it.

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    having never sullied my eyes or ears with high skl musical i can be no accurate judge of such things but seriously "one purifies water"? trying putting a lot moret thght into it next time

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