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Thread: News Finally Secured

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    Default News Finally Secured

    After many incidents of news refusing to be displayed and therefore messing up the entire home page, I have finally gotten frustrated enough (and learned enough about PHP and MySQL) to rewrite the news displaying functions myself to grab news directly from the PokeDream Forums database. As you may notice, the dates on the news posts are finally readable (surprise!). Also, you should expect news to be up 24/7, as long as the rest of the site is up and running. Of course, those of you with sharp eyes will notice that the news content is poorly formatted; namely, images don't show up and some ugly-looking formatting tags are visible. I'll try to figure out ways to deal with that soon.

    Also, I want to bring to your attention that I'm still working on the Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Walkthrough, believe it or not. I'm just a bit slow on the weekdays. However, you should expect to see a whole new page up by Saturday, and plenty more pages up over the coming weekend.

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    Glad to see my articles back up there.

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