Americans try to do anime and manga. American manga/anime always sucks and reeks of the American influence. I love my country and all, but they should leave that stuff to the Japanese. Especially manga... Some American manga I've read, like Divalicious!, My Cat Loki, and others are horrible. Especially My Cat Loki. Oh my god, that was the most horrible manga I've ever had the displeasure of reading.

The main character was a fucking pussy. And has a girly name (Amaya or something like that..). 3 years after his cat died, he was not only still depressed over it, he would still boohoo and get all sad and hadn't painted (supposedly one of his favorite things) a bit in those three years that his kitty had been gone. Then he finds this nasty, mean old stray and takes it in cuz he has a soft spot for it, and the cat very obviously hates him, hates everything he does, causes trouble for him, and even utterly destroys the guy's favorite paintbrush. On and on, you probly aren't interested, blah blah blah... Probably the worst thing about it was the main character. The main character of any story (manga, novel, etc.) absolutely cannot be a wuss. If your main character is a wuss, he's not interesting. He probably shirks any kind of duty, responsibility, adventure-type thing, etc. The only time a wussy character is interesting, is when you can see that they are changing and making improvements. Even so, these kinds are usually secondary or tertiary characters, and eventually become better, and maybe even likable. Amaya or whatever doesn't seem like he's improving (much if at all), plus he's the main character, not secondary or whatever. It just doesn't work. It was horrible. I hated it. (Also, the artwork wasn't the most attractive >.>)