CL I took you under my wing and am grooming you for taking my place years from now. You used to be an absolutely awful newb, but you have become very tolerable and really quite good for your age. Now it is time for formal lessons, I will add a new one whenever I see you doing something gay.

Lesson One:

Smilies with =
ex =) =D =(

you do this a lot. stop. it makes you look like a cunt.

= smilies are appropriate for the following:
extremely feminine men

Eve can do it, Peeki can do it(he likes cats), Hats can do it(hes gay), and thats about it. You cannot do it. Start doing normal smilies or you'll look like a loser. You have no idea how much credibility is taken away from a post with those kinds of smilies in them. Work on it.

Lesson One has ended. Use this wisdom wisely, CL.