Back agagain gain gain. 'Tis I Solly, (or lucario). If you saw my post in the newcomer's forum then you must be swearing you head off and running around in circles pulling out your hair. The very idea that I am back will usually send shivers down the backs of most people. I could go on a rant but you'd already start disagreeing with me. Why? Because people hold to an idea that somebody is bad even when it has become worn out. Heck, I could probably make a speech like Lincoln's and you'd say "STFU!!!!!!" I realize what was wrong with me and I could change it, but you'd still all hate me for no current reason. I have had what you might call "training" from a certain other forum. Not only did I obtain a very hard resistance to flaming that maybe Mario could scratch, but I also learned how to easily detect sarcasm and secrecy. I know I still won't get any respect and AZN will probably ask if I'm trying to be funny in this post. I'm just repeating what many people have said their reactions before were. I bid you all ado, because I have accidentally gone on a small rant. I hope you all get raped by this post.