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    Lightbulb Project: TradeFinder

    While thinking about building the new PokeDex, I've thought of yet another project, taking advantage of the Global Trading Station in Diamond/Pearl.

    I plan on implementing a system where trainers can submit into a database Pokemon they wish to trade and have other trainers view this database to contact them. This will be a sort of Pokemon trade "match-making".

    Trainers will register with their FC, Pokemon they'd like to trade (along with this Pokemon's stats), and Pokemon they'd like to get for their Pokemon. This information is then registered into the database. Other trainers who have registered will be able to find a list of trainers and Pokemon who match their criteria and will have the option to contact them if they wish to discuss this trade.

    Now, I have three questions for all of you. First of all, does this sound like a good idea? Is this something you'd be interested in at all? Then, do you know of any websites that have this system already? I couldn't find or think of any websites that currently do. Lastly, what comments or suggestions do you have on this project?

    Your feedback is much appreciated!

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    I think it is a good idea... but i dont know of other forums that does this...

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    It's a good idea, so people can trade taking the advantage of PD(no offence) But one point.
    Scenario 1-A person has something person A wants. But person B already traded the Pokemon. Will it be deleted from the database?

    Scenario 2-Person A saw something he wants. But the trader is not online. What's the point? <------>[EdHikariEdoardoPeeksYvonneDBLacey]

    I'm not dead. Just veryvery inactive nowadays.

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    It's a good idea. I think something that would make it even better though is to have a search engine of sorts where you can put in the Pokémon you want and what levels it should be in between. Example:

    Mew - levels 40 to 55

    And there would be a page with all matching 'mons.

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    That's awesome! IT's very unique, that's why its so good.

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