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    Quote Originally Posted by kg View Post
    to be fair school in general sucks so arguing which system is better is the equivalent of arguing who has the cooler type of cancer
    brain cancer most definitely

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walrus View Post
    you have no proof of that. have you personally met a 12-year-old college graduate? I thought not.

    it's true, however, that gifted children tend to have either decreased emotional or physical maturity. it's sort of like a sacrifice for their intellectual maturity in a way. However, that's not to say that all gifted children lack social skills. Maybe you've just met a few gifted people on the autism spectrum.
    I'm about 2 grades ahead (3 depending on what time of year it is; my birthday is right in the middle of the school year ), and I am frequently told that I'm very mature. I used to think that the reason that people always mistake me for an 18 or 19 year old was because of how I look, but it would seem that it's also because of maturity level. :| It never fails to surprise me though, even after all the times I've been told that...
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