After over a week of struggling (on and off) with formatting, fixing bugs, optimizing code, and designing images, I've finally completed Pokemon Dream's 11th layout. For technical folks, this is our first pure CSS layout (okay, this isn't 100% formatted using CSS, for I'm still trying to fix the content area, which is currently formatted using table cells). This results in cleaner code that is easier to create and maintain. Now I can slowly perfect this layout over the next few months, a bit at a time. For visitors, this means faster load times.

There may still be visual glitches here and there. If you happen to see something that looks odd, please notify me at once. As for the code, there are many more things I have to fix. For the moment, I shall be working on something else on the site, which will be revealed as soon as I get done with it (a week maybe?). If you have any comments or suggestions about our new layout, please post a comment by clicking the link above.