Where would the Wii be without a new Pokemon Colleseum? Pokemon Battle Revolution takes over this job. Equipped with slick 3D graphics and a Pokedex coontaining every Pokemon, from Bulbasaur to Arceus, Battle Revolution may even rule the shelves over Pokemon Diamond.

PBR starts like any other Pokemon Colleseum game (Not including XD), in which you must battle to rise to the top. Battle, battle, and battle, and battle even more by using Nintendo Wi-fi. Heck, battle 'till you end up in an asylum mumbling about getting Arceus and beating "Noob_Pwner1886". The game also presents different battle modes, each having its own unique play style.

PBR will also revolusionize the Wii. For one thing, you can play on PBR using your DS, by linking your Wii to it. Secondly, and thsi is the great part, you can transfer pokemon from Diamond or Pearl!