My mother is a little phyco and um... I'm getting my grades in the main tommorow and it's like..

social studies - F 56%
science - F 34%
language - C -
literate - C - (both are my best subjects LOL)
foreign language (french, spanish, german) - F (the teacher is literally a homo and it bothers me)
physical education - F 10% ()
computer - A+ (eh)

unless my mother is drunk or high when she sees it and signs it, I'm getting my ass kicked and yeah... I might get on once and awhile but whatever, who cares. I'm also going through a really stressful semester this year and it's not helping me try to raise my grades, plus my parents are dickheads and don't do anything but yell and bitch.

I'm only on right now because i'm doing my Hand Gestures project. lol