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    okay heres what i remember. we went to mcdonalds stand which sold everything micky D sold, which was right next to a mcdonalds. after we ate we went to some place past the altamont. (in Northern California) by walking 6-7 hundred feet into a bush and there was Wiis and everything. heres the wierd part (other than the bush part. there was table hockey played by the same rules and everything only it was all rubber and it burnt my hand. and this teen who said he was my cousin got pwned by sum dude who was smack talking in spanish. he took him outside and began stabbing him.... with a jerky stick. everyone had WTF looks on thier faces. and i saw pokeballs on my belt. i threw one at my cousins head and caught him and i had pokedex info on him . disccuss

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    I've had weirder.

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