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Thread: People Need to Grow Up (Warning: Rant Attack 101)

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    =P Agreed on that God. XD You always make me laugh when you post. At least most of the time. When I saw you were the one who posted first I laughed. I had a big feeling you'd be the first one to reply with a joking post.

    When I saw you posted "YEAH!" I imagined my favorite anime character Yotsuba with the big anime eyes holding her first up. She's a little girl with green hair and a fear of air conditioners. Not saying you're like that, but its what came to my mind lol.

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    ...a fear of air conditioners?
    no, no, I can see that.

    what, to immature?
    no, wait, that just wasn't funny at all, was it. never mind.
    yeah. if I need to be called out, you go ahead and call me out.
    I don't need to be called out, do I?
    oh, crap. I'm gonna be called out.
    I'm gonna run like hell now.
    (runs like hell now)

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