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    Read the books. It's an amazing book series about a boy, Arthur Penhaligon, who is the heir to the Architect who owns the House, which is the epicentre of the universe.
    But first, he has to find all 7 keys, which are at the moment a magic clock hand, a magic gauntlet, a resizable trident, a morphable sword and a special mirror. There are the Morrow Days, who own the keys. They are Mister Monday, Grim Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday, Sir Thursday, Lady Friday, Superior Saturday and Lord Sunday. Each with one of the seven deadly sins and 1 realm of the house.
    The realms are The Lower House, Far Reaches, Border Sea, Great Maze, Middle House, Upper House and Incomparable gardens. Arthur has now defeated the first 5 Morrow Days and is in control of the first 5 realms. The enemies are called Nithlings. They are made from Nothing, which is a substance that creates everything. The Piper is one of the sons of the Architect, who has children who are human but live in the house. They are called Pipers Children. If they get washed behind the ears they lose their memories. He also controls an army of Nithlings that are organized and are called Newniths who wish to take control of the House because it is actually owned by the Piper. Read the books. They are really good. (First book is Mister Monday)
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    Ah, I really love these books too. I can't find Saturday though. I think my favorite one so far is Sir Thursday.
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