Princesskitty09, you really don't want to start accusing me of anything. Ever. Because I will burn you into the ground. I promise not to swear, but then again I don't need to swear to flame someone. However, I don't want to flame you unless I have to.

Some facts for you to consider:

piplup_girl_113 was an account created by God with the purpose of ruining my relationship with Poke_princess_v73, as an extension of the accusations levelled against me in "For the attention of user The_Editor".

I have never called myself Zak anywhere. The only names I use on any forums are cyber man, The Editor, Ervan Remoh and Oztok. Zak is the name of a character in the European edition of Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

I have never set foot outside of Europe.

I am a fairly nice guy if you don't annoy me.

Some of the higher-ups here can be jerks sometimes, but they're not bad people.

Misc. Chat is a minefield of swearing and abuse. The art gallery is much nicer.

Kelsh is just as bad as God.