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Thread: Other, non-pokemon pasrodies I've written...

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    Default Other, non-pokemon parodies I've written...

    This little exploration of George Orwell's dystopian classic is sung to the tune of Bowling for Soup's 2004 hit.



    Winston crashed at his pad
    His ulcer’s gotten bad
    One Victory Ale each day
    Makes the pain go away
    Writes in his diary
    His hate for the party
    Hoping he won’t be seen
    By his omniscient telescreen
    He works at the ministry of truth
    Where he alters history
    sPreading lies to everyone
    Gotta love the Irony!
    Big Bro’s an SOB
    Winston wants to be free
    But his whole life so far
    Is that of-a bug-in a jar!

    Because the Party, Big Brother, watch him like his mother
    Whom he remembers dyin’, got a man-crush on O’Brien
    Wants to join the Brotherhood and finish this life for good
    Cuz Winston’s a pity whore in 19, 19, 1984!


    This girl, Julia loves him
    So they meet up in the woods
    She blows his mind with hot sex
    Just like those hundred other dudes!
    Find a place on top
    Of some rundown antique shop
    Somewhere in the land
    Of the proletarians
    Screw the minitruth and they’re dead end jobs
    They’re sick of working for those Inner Party snobs
    They’re sick of being watched by telescreens
    How nice of O’Brien-to give ‘em-that book
    Of Goldstein’s

    Which they read, interested, until they got arrested
    They were set up all this time, they had to be put back in line
    A boot stamp Winston’s face forever in the rat race
    Cuz Winston’s a prisoner in 19, 19, 1984


    He hates rats, yet they placed
    A cage full of them right over his face
    Let’s not forget the
    Begged them to stop! Stop! Stop!

    Now he’s rehabilitated! He’s no longer frustrated!
    Gives mad love to Big Brother and he shares it with no other
    The same goes for Julia, they shared a “Hello- -see ya!”
    And so ends the metaphor of 1984!

    Some revere it, or jeer it, and some may even fear it
    But no matter, let’s hear it for Orwell’s bitchslap to the human sPirit
    This crap’s overrated, it’s boring and hate it
    And so I’ve come to deplore- my read-ing of- 1984!

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    This is a song for all the lonely guys out there who've enjoyed Nelly Furtado's "Maneater".


    Everybody meet my girlfriend
    We have been together since last weekend
    Met her where she worked at the department sto’
    She kept starin’ at me through that window
    Asked her for her name and was she was sPeechless
    Girls with humility are my weakness
    She had finished working and so out we snuck
    Gave her a ride home in my new hand truck.

    Mannequin, she’s a real doll
    And she’s real tall
    She’s the only girl for me!
    She’s a mannequin, she has no flaws
    Probably ‘cause
    She lacks personality!
    She’s a mannequin, never says much
    But that’s okay
    She is one great listener
    She’s a mannequin, we’ve been insep-
    erable since I
    Inhaled all of that paint thinner.

    And she maintains one smokin’ figure
    Doesn’t eat much so she won’t get bigger
    Never exercises, she just lies around
    Sometimes during sex her head drops to the ground
    Yet through it all she don’t lose an ounce of charm
    I asked her for a hand she gave me her arm
    She never nags or asks for stuff I can’t provide
    Or get mad when I get drunk and lock her outside!

    Mannequin, she’s a sweetheart,
    She hears me fart
    And acts like it doesn’t smell
    She’s a mannequin, I think she’s
    Too good for me but
    On such things I never dwell
    She’s a mannequin, with no nipples
    That’s good because
    Of my Barbie fixation
    She’s a mannequin, and she lives up
    To the most of
    My unrealistic expectations!

    (My parents wish I never met her at all)

    Mannequin, I stuff her in
    A duffle bag
    Whenever we vacation!
    She’s a mannequin, she distracts those
    Men in white coats
    Who say I’m in need of medication
    She’s a mannequin, who needs real girls?
    I don’t care for
    Unwanted pregnancies and menstruation
    She’s my mannequin, and when I die,
    I’ll have some guy
    Dress her in a suit made from my skin!

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    I absolutely LOVE this shit!
    you rock. so much. you're like a GOD of some kind. a NIDO GAWD!!
    no, seriously, you've got some serious parody prowess!

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