Tonight, I am revealing the project I've been working on over the past month or so (working on average of only two hours a day as I struggle to find time). It is one that I'm very excited about and hope to expand constantly. I present to you Pokemon Dream's new PokeDex, the Pokemon Repository, also known as the PokeRep. It is built with PHP and MySQL and is very different from what we used to have. Although it only has three sections for every Pokemon (including Diamond/Pearl fourth generation Pokemon) for now, I plan to expand it by a lot before the end of the summer, and continue expanding, building all sorts of applications around this Pokemon Repository.

As of today, there isn't a "main menu" to choose Pokemon from. However, you can check it out by going to where NAME is the name of any Pokemon. Inputting IDs currently doesn't work. However, it is capable of finding incorrectly spelled names. Try -- an equivalent, and "official" address is

I'm hoping to add much more functionality and a whole lot more information into this repository in the days to come. For now, just check it out, and post your comments and suggestions.