I think it's about time PD had some sort of review. And so, I shall review Pokemon Battle Revolution.

I recently obtained PBR because I had accidentally forgot all my other Wii games at our little condo thing near a lake. Luckily, I'll be back there shortly, but I thought I might as well get it, and I had a few bucks at hand.

Probably PBR's best asset would be its graphics, which are quite amazing, followed by its audio, including the background music, which you could listen to for hours on end without picking up a chair and smashing the tv with it. The announcer's voice has improved a bit. I especially liked when I used Shadow Force with Giratina, and he would say, "Complete destruction by SHADOW FORCE!", in a voice that sounded like he had been kicked in the shins by a snotty child with a name like "Edward Warbunger III".

The story mode-thing is actually pretty hard if you don't use pokemon that you copied from Diamond or Pearl. Besides taht though, there's not much to do unless you have a copy of D/P. Luckily you don't need to exchange friend codes to battle on Wi-Fi. THere's an option that allows you to play against a random person, after which you can exchange friend codes if you want to.
All in all, it's an ok game, but I only recommend it to people with D/P.