I was talking to this guy from this forum and we were talking about recent happenings and and some bullshit that recently occured. I said I found it bullshit, he started going on about the factual elements and what he believed would be the future of the forum and then I had to link to a thread to show my disagreement and it had been deleted.

I was talking to FULLMETAL and I said he said that Sasuke was OK somewhere and he really did say it I just couldn't find where he said it and it was depressing because I had no proof.

I just got raped by this guy on MSN because my keys were nifty after all of that. I ended up linking to Mex's picture and blocking him when I could have destroyed him knowing his intelligence.

The Jesus Of The Internet really hates me. I try to make agreements with the stuff he does but he just smites me some more. It's not fair and I don't care if a certain someone is having worse problems I need some comfort.

My head hurts, too. Someone pushed me into the seat on the way home on my bus and I don't have the money to buy some nifty rich person paracetemol.