Things I like about Fullmetal:

- He has lovely locks like light brown chocolate glimmering in the sun

- He has the most unoffensive AIM name involving numbers I have ever seen

- He is a nice grandson and drive his grandma places even though he dosnt want to go

- He has repped me more than anyone else

- Showing compassion for his fellow human, he has recently retired from crushing souls

- That post he made about Luna

- He could probably write a modestly sucessful biography if it had the right hype and advertising

- hes so humble he probably wont like this thread

- he loves compliments but says he dosnt to appease the masses. he is dedicated to pleasing his forum compatriots

- His old blog thread might have the highest shit-to-good ratio of any thread that long

- his avatar

- very iconic concept threads which interest and entertain and inform everyone!!

- he has an eclectic and indiscriminatory group of friends including an asian and poor people

Post why you love Fullmetal guys