Our trip is just about to start
And I donít know what pokemon I should take
Maybe ill stop by the pokemart
Or maybe suffer a heart break

My girl, shes got a nidoran female
And I donít know how to impress her
My favourite is my nidoran male
But itís starting, to stress her

Our pokemon are in love
And I wish that we were to
But she said that we were through
Now our pokemon are all thatís left

Our pokemon are in love
Atleast thatís what I thought
But that was before we fought
And now our pokemon lie bereft

So now the battle is getting hot
Two pokemon lovers are enemies
Now theyre fighting and wish theyre not
Just because of teenage insecurities

She forces nidoran to poison sting
But itís not very effective
I say double-kick, yeah thatís the thing
Although its power is subjective

Our pokemon fight for their lives
But its really not that fair
Its all because of me and Claire
And now theyre love is forbidden

Our pokemon fight for their lives
Without a pokemon center in sight
Without an end to the fight
And nidoran uses power thatís hidden

Suddenly, I see a word that worries me
Super effective, the battle was elective but now its far from free
Nidoran, cant stand, and I fear that it may faint
Down he goes, I show, that love made me a saint

My pokemon just passed out
Suddenly we turn back
Regret we do not lack
As I hop on my bike

My pokemon just passed out
And were both worried sick
That crit was a neat trick
But not one that I did like

My pokemon recovered
The both of us, we mothered
It, until it could regenerate

Our pokemon are back together,
Sometimes you donít say never
And now we are too
Our troubles through and through