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    Hey people, The Editor here. I guess someone finally cracked, because I've been restricted from the Misc. Silly really. I mean, think about it. A lot of people seem to think that this is going to have a major affect on me or something. Well, it's not. Sure I'm going to be a bit more bored, but I can just train my super team or something. What interests me is how long this will last. I was meant to be banned for two weeks a while ago, and it stopped after four days. I wonder what will happen this time...

    Dogar, you really need to work on getting your edits of my posts right.

    The one and only Editor.

    I bet this account will be deleted faster than you can say "leet haxxor skilz"

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    I know what I'm doing


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    dogar, were you the one that restricted him? thank you

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