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Thread: Journey from Johto to Kanto

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    Default Journey from Johto to Kanto

    Ok it will be eight people for this RP. The first three are beginning trainers in Johto. The second three are beginning trainers in Kanto. The last two are rivals. One for the Johto people and one for the Kanto people


    Johto Side

    In Johto, the legendary dogs have become out of control. Their minds have been corrupted by an evil force that has turned them into doing their opposite jobs. Suicune has been polluting water instead of purifying it. Entei has been starting fires all over Johto. Lastly, Raikou has been starting lightning storms without any signs of control. Three new trainers from Johto will go on a quest to contact Ho-oh and stop them.

    Kanto Side:

    Kanto is almost as bad as Johto. The three legendary birds have also been out of control. Articuno has been starting blizzards non stop. Moltres is causing deadly heat waves. Zapdos is causing severe thunderstorms. As with Johto, three new Kanto trainers will go on a quest to contact Lugia and try to stop them.

    All forum rules apply
    No godmodding
    No taking control of someone else's character
    No legendaries (They're outta control, remember)
    Up to four pokemon on a team.
    Kanto and Johto pokemon only

    Accepted List:


    Johto Trainers:
    1. Cyndaquil: Will be entrusted to stop Suicune (Umbreshawn)
    2. Totodile: Will be entrusted to stop Raikou
    3. Chikorita: Will be entrusted to stop Entei

    Kanto Trainers:
    1. Charmander: Will be entrusted to stop Articuno
    2. Squirtle: Will be entrusted to stop Zapdos
    3. Bulbasaur: Will be entrusted to stop Moltres

    1. Johto Rival
    2. Kanto Rival

    Sign Up Sheet:

    Name: (First/Middle/Last)
    Age: (between13-15)
    Gender: (Male or Female)
    Reigon: (Kanto or Johto)
    Position: (Hero or Rival)
    Appearance: (Two good lines or picture)
    Personality: (Three good lines)
    History: (Three good lines)
    Starter: (Rivals leave this one blank)
    Pokemon: (List in fully evolved forms)

    My Sign Up:

    Name: Seb Rosako Miziki

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Reigon: Johto

    Position: Hero

    Appearance: Seb has long jet black hair. He is lightly tanned and is about
    5'1. He has dark brown eyes and is slightly built. For clothes he wears a black jacket slightly zipped with a gray shirt underneath. The shirt has the letter 'S' on it. He also wears a pair of black jeans and black shoes. He also wears a pair of black shades.

    Personality: Seb is fearless. He will stand up to anyone no matter what the odds are. Sometimes he is a bit girl crazy and he'll especially flirt with a girl if she is very pretty. He can be a bit stubborn and arrogant, but overall he means well and will help anyone in need. He tries his hardest to be the best he can be. He is also very competitive. Seb will battle anyone at anytime.

    History: Seb was born in New Bark Town. He lived with his parents and his older sister. His older sister was very nice to him even though she got most of their parents' attention. When she left for her journey, she promised that she'll bring him a pokemon. After three years, Seb decided that he should go on a journey.

    Starter: Cyndaquil


    Typhlosion: Evolved from Cyndaquil/Male/Starter
    Raichu: Evolved from Pichu/Female/Hatched from egg
    Umbreon: Evolved from Eevee/Male/Captured

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    Johto for the win!

    Name: Nova Champagne
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Reigon: Johto
    Position: Hero
    Starter: Totodile

    Feraligatr // Evolved from Totodile // Male // Starter // Dragon Dance~Dragon Claw~Waterfall~Crunch // Brave Nature
    Gengar // Evolved from Haunter during trade // Male // Traded // Shadow Ball~Sludge Bomb~Thunderbolt~Energy Ball // Modest Nature
    Togekiss // Evolved from Togepi // Female // Hatched from an Egg // Aura Sphere~Air Slash~Nasty Plot~Flamethrower // Mild Nature
    Larvitar // Male // Caught in Silver Cave // Crunch~Earthquake~Rock Slide~Sandstorm // Adamant Nature

    is it okay if I keep Larvitar? :3 and are DP moves okay?

    As for Togekiss... it evolves from Togetic, and Togetic is a Johto 'mon. So is it okay?

    I'll finish soon!

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    ok, Cool Latios you are reserved until you finish

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    i will join i guess
    but not now
    - The World of Maaril
    (soon to be an RP)

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