There was Arceus. He created the universe. Then there was the Pokemon world. He created many more Pokemon. There was Mew. Then there was Dialga and Palkia. He created them to take charge of space and time. Then came Jirachi, the wish maker. Following that was many others like Pikachu, Wooper, Abra and all. All were happy.

But let's not forget Darkrai. He was the sucessor of darkness. He hated happiness, light, and love. He battled Arceus many times already. But he never won, and he even got sealed in the basement of the world.

Then, Arceus decided that there should be people taking care of them. He then created human. The human loved their Pokemon deeply, and they always went to Nurse Joy whenever they were hurt. There was peace and happiness on the Pokemon world.

After a period of time, a Noctowl a spot of a colour between purple and black. He quickly alerted Arceus. Arceus said it was Darkrai. He broke the seal!

And fellow trainers, let us get together and side either Arceus or Darkrai and fight for your 'Boss'!

'Boss':Arceus or Darkrai
PokemonMaximum six)
Reason for choosing Arceus/Darkrai:

1. A little 1337 and chatspeak
2. No swearing
3. Remember IC and OOC
4. Limited vulgarities (ex. @$$ or f**k)
5. Have fun!
6. If I'm not around, I wish somebody would kick away RETARDS.
My first try at a 'Real' RP. Hope you enjoy!