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Thread: DEC/19/07 Role Playing Table of Contents

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    Default DEC/19/07 Role Playing Table of Contents

    Nanaki's was a great idea but unfortunately he abandoned it. Restarted by Ninetails 009 and Chrizz. Revamped by Peeks.

    Magna Carta
    Author(s) Peeki
    RP Level Higher Advanced
    Synopsis Magic Bearers, or more commonly known as "Scholars", were supposedly the ones to alter the course of Life itself and brought upon Earth its perish. They were bearers of the Four Elements of Alchemy: Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Each Scholar either focused on one element, or used two or so synonymously, whatever floated their boat. Utilizing the elements efficiently, this was supposedly the cause of The Great Perish. Which role would you play? A Scholar trying to live a life, striding through the tides of chaos, or a Scholar bringing chaos? Will you reason with the discriminators, clearing the name of Scholars for they have falsely accused them?

    αχιѕ σƒ мутнѕ
    Author(s) Collaborative
    RP Level Higher Advanced
    Synopsis As time passed by, the controversy quieted down. It is now a bright age: post-industrialistic age, or the new millenia. The "Twelve Holy Books" were forgotten, and thus were concluded as superstition or just plain folly. But reality has it that of the remaining ten, each were passed down through childbirth after childbirth, only being 'opened' to one who deserved the power. And in the Olympian's shadow, the books of the titans followed.

    Monster MASSACRE!
    Author(s) Brave Auron
    RP Level Intermediate
    Synopsis The date is March 25th, 2009. The city of Boston is empty. Not a single sound is heard. Well, if you ignore the screams of the countless people being massacred. For between the collapsed buildings, overturned cars, raging fires, and rotting corpses, zombies feast. They feast on the thousands that foolishly believe they can escape. People running through the streets, right into the legions of undead waiting to gourge on their innards. Soldiers foolishly believing they will be heroes by fighting the unstoppable dead. This is taking place on year after the quarantine. After billions of monsters invaded Boston.

    Purity Lake
    Author(s) Espeonmaster
    RP Level Intermediate
    Synopsis A strange epidemic has broken out across the world. Scientists have no cure. The disease only effects children- anyone under the age of 17 is at risk. The only hope is in a legend, told in the form of a child's story. Though there have been many variations, much of tale has been the same. The legend depicts a small girl, ill from birth with an unknown disease, who wishes only to see a place called Snowflake Lake, also known as Purity Lake, which was formed by the purest snow.

    Author(s) Collaborative
    RP Level Intermediate
    Synopsis It’s the year 2012, and Nintendo has released its next hit gaming console, VERGE, the Virtual Entertainment Real Gaming Experience. When you play the game, you are thrust into the virtual world of Pokémon where Wi-Fi allows you to interact with other players around the globe. You don’t use a controller or a remote, but goggles that allow you to actually be in the game. There are other trainers, as well as non-player characters (i. e. Professor Palmer, Professor Willow)

    A Journey RP
    Author(s) Nocturne
    RP Level Intermediate
    Synopsis Ladies, gentlemen, I'm starting a journey RP. There's not much of a background, I just want to get one going. The only setting for it, mostly, is that it takes place in a time setting of about the Middle Ages in the Pokémon world. As for what region it's going to take place in I'm not sure. Whoever I accept can input a vote for whatever region they want to pick and the most popular decision wins.

    Author(s) Nanaki
    RP Level Higher Intermediate
    Synopsis A great Genocide is upon the city. Several species are up for extermination, and several are becoming increasingly influential and powerful. You are trying to survive in a world out to get you in any way possible, choose a race, an allegiance and a side. Then join the fight to survive and conquer. I really want a majority of posters to be either Ainjels or Vampyres. You can ask me for your own creature but I really don’t want too many people different.

    [ PR DEC/24/07 ] Haunted Palace
    Author(s) Lacemaker
    RP Level Higher Advanced
    Synopsis At present day, the western world has been largely abandoned after a mass invasion. The United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Eastern Russia, the whole of Europe has been deserted. A world war, just under 100 years ago, forced the Europeans out of their homes to flee to areas of Russia and Asia, the wealthier traveling further to America and Canada. Europe had been forgotten, written out of the record of mankind. However, after a century, travelers and researchers are becoming more interested in the exploration of the Western world. Growing curiosity has sparked intrigue in many people. The palace has once again been discovered, some hoping to behold the beauty of the castle through red-litten windows. After such time, the palace’s legend has died away with the millions who lost their lives, lost within the rubble and debris, buried and crushed under years of neglect. Hitherto it had been forgotten, but history never vanishes as the myth is revived once more, telling the story of one flourishing palace that met its demise.

    Real Pokemon on the Loose: Experimental Existence
    Author(s) Kittsuera
    RP Level Intermediate
    Synopsis Many experiments are done behind locked doors, away from public view. They are funded by non-profit organizations and the government. The reasons for non-profit organizations to fund the experiments are often clear but when the government provides unlimited funding to a lab of unknown origin their reasons are questionable. What could the government be so interested in? The truth may be harder to believe…

    Emotive Blackout v. 2.0
    Author(s) Cool Latios
    RP Level Higher Intermediate
    Synopsis This curse has the never-seen-before effect of turning one into a Pokémon, however it is entirely dependent on the bearer’s emotions. Good feelings will slow down the transformation, love even slowly reverse it, while bad ones will fuel the curse, accelerating the rate of transformation. The curse is transmissible by genes, which explains why it is so common today.

    Battle of Legends - End of the World
    Author(s) Bob
    RP Level Intermediate
    Synopsis And during all this, the new team, Team Moon[until I get a better name], is still hunting down the whomever killed their leaders. But, was it a person, or a Pokemon? One of the major questions that will be answered during the RP. At the rate things are going in the world of Pokemon, anything is possible. Will this be the end of all time? Will this be the end of our world?

    Alatieria: Land of Unrest
    Author(s) DU
    RP Level Advanced
    Synopsis It's a golden age. King Orono, Lord of Alatieria reigns, and the land prospers. The minds of the people are open and accepting of new ideas, Necromancy and other magics are used to improve people's lives, and peace reigns amongst the races of the world. But as in any kingdom,there are always those who think they can do better. Fortunately they are often few and far between, posing little threat to the monarchy.

    Iodine League
    Author(s) Chrizz
    RP Level Higher Advanced
    Synopsis “You all have a mission. If you all like each other or not, you will work together. Your goal is to diminish Team Rocket, Magma, Aqua and Galaxy from the Pokemon world all together. For those chosen descendants, these two Pokemon you just received were specially chosen from your ancestors to help you complete their unfinished goal. Team Quantum must prevail and complete this task, or else all is lost. Hope is what you should all have, and without it, the current destiny will overpower, and nothing will be left in existence; except evil. With that, I leave you. You will now be teleported back to your beds, and you must leave your headquarters at once. I will meet you some time again, until then, farewell, and good luck, all of you.”

    [ PR DEC/24/07 ] The War Of The Light
    Author(s) MPT
    RP Level Higher Intermediate
    Synopsis The Light is an ancient jewel made of incredible power that was made by the old wizard Lark. During all times, there is always a side of good and evil. Lark had incredible power beyond belief. He was always being attacked and hunted down. Because of this he decided that all good shall be protected by this light and that if gotten in the wrong hands, all evil shall prevail and all good will be lost and the world will become but a shadow of darkness. A war is brewing, and with each soul holds a mighty destiny.

    Author(s) Nocturne
    RP Level Higher Advanced
    Synopsis In ancient times, the necessities for life were nonexistent. Except for, of course, supernatural life. However, this supernatural force was very natural. It was all that existed. This force existed in all matter. However, this force was not able to grant the sacred gift of life. It alone would not be enough. That is, until the Galactic Rein fell upon the galaxy. Numerous comets charged forward towards the central star. This star, Nylus, was bombarded with icy comets. Overwhelmed, the galaxy froze due to the loss of Nylus' fiery guidance. However, this star wouldn't go down without a fight. Nylus retreated into it's core and blasted away the comets. They melted and were sucked in by the dry, cracked earth. Nylus now lay dormant, barely alive, waiting for the time to recover and heat the galaxy once again.

    Author(s) Nanaki
    RP Level Advanced
    Synopsis Many thought this was the end, but there was more to come. Much more. Plenty of other pokémon from across the world who were treated sub par banded together to war against those wicked humans that did traumatized them. Eventually, this has grown and a cataclysmic war was at hand.

    Era of Ascent ~ Faith No More [III]
    Author(s) Collaborative
    RP Level Higher Advanced
    Synopsis We have entered a futuristic age. Technology has become immensely advanced, both in the areas of weapons and medicine. Those who lived in an old age have had their ways uprooted and have been thrown into this metallic age. The day of the mighty warrior has come to an end, and the day of weaponized machinery now rules. All countries that had their own cultures, their own ways of life, no longer have them. Under this one massive rule, everyone lives the same way and does things the same way. Are you an obedient servant of the government, trying to subdue rebellion? Are you one of the rich ones that dictates to the world with absolute order? Or, are you brave enough to rebel? Do you seek chaos, advances in science, or are you trying to save the last remaining strands of a dying age? Choose your path, and devote your whole soul to it, or you certainly stand no chance of success.

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon the Stairway to Destiny
    Author(s) Zapdos
    RP Level Higher Intermediate
    Synopsis You wake up to find yourself in a small, woodland clearing and two other Pokemon, lying down on the ground, sleeping. You have no idea where you are, or how you got here, but the biggest shock is yet to come. You have changed, and human you no longer are, but a pokémon. Swept downstream by the raging river, you awaken to to see pokémon all around you. It appears to be a village, and the chief steps forward and introduces himself to be the leader of a rescue team. Now, does disaster await...?

    Current, Active RPs. If we missed anything, PM Ninetails or Peeki, and we'll talk to you. : D

    Further notes: RPs with a [ PR ] to the left of its name means 'Pending Removal'. This applies to RPs that haven't been active for a month. If another month passes, said RP will be taken off the list and a revival is in order.

    [ PR 00/00/00 ] denotes the date the RP starts through pending removal stage.
    [ PR 00/00/00 ] denotes the date it will start under pending removal stage, as a forewarning (normally 3-5 days after update of list)
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