I've added a new way to list out Pokemon on the PokeRep's front page and, along with that, some cool sorting functionality. Now, you will be able to view listings of Pokemon in different categories, such as Pokemon #001 - #151 or only Sinnoh Pokemon. Within each display mode, you can sort Pokemon to find the entry that you want faster, or just to get some information down. Currently, you can sort Pokemon by name, NationalDex ID, an ID of the current category (Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh), their types (in order to view grouped listings of types), and by their stats (including total stats).

To sort Pokemon, you simply click on the table column headers. You can do things from simply listing out Pokemon alphabetically to ranking Pokemon according to their stats to find out who the most powerful Pokemon are (simply choose the "All Pokemon" display mode and click on the "Total" column header). Try out the new PokeRep Sorting now!