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    In the story,Dawn shall go into a contest and battle some trainers and meet another rival. The rival is also Zoe's cousin! The rival though is a rookie she is one tough coordinater. There will also be a ribbon which looks like a Jubalife City Ribbon but is pink. Now let's begin shall we!

    Dawn was in the dressing room making herself look her best for the contest. It was her third contest and she wanted to win!
    " I think I will use Buizel this time besides Buizel never had a chance to be in a contest and we should show what we got! " said Dawn.
    Dawn was called out to the stage and she was more ready than ever.
    " Buizel Spotlight! " Dawn called out! " Buizel use Aqua Jet! "
    Buizel used the Aqua Jet and it was full of grace! It was ever so fast! It was one of the fastest moves the crowd had ever seen!
    " Buizel use Razor Wind! " Dawn called out!
    Buizel used Razor Wind and made a perfect ending.
    Dawn got a perfect score!
    When Dawn came back to the dressing room she found a girl about her age sitting on a chair right next to her dressing room.
    " Hi! " said Dawn. " My name is Dawn! "
    " Hi to you! " said the girl. " My name Vivian! "
    " I am Zoe's cousin and I am entering the contest for Zoe cause she got sick! " said Vivian.
    " Wow! " said Dawn. " Vivian you better get on stage it is your turn! "
    Vivian left and was right on stage.
    " Growlithe Curtain! " Vivian called out! " Growlithe use Fire Spin! "
    Growlithe used the Fire Spin and went through it!
    " Now use Flamethrower! " Vivian called!
    Growlithe spun around and around while using Flamethrower!
    A very strong score for rookie!
    Many other trainers tried to get a perfect score but they never watched what their pokemon was doing. Poor Pokemon!
    The judges are now making their choices of who will go to round two.
    Who will keep their dreams alive?
    Find out what happens next time in Part 2!
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