Today's major update to the PokeRep is the Advanced Search feature. This tool allows you to find Pokemon based on many different criteria. With the Advanced Search, you can look up, say, all Dragon or Water type Sinnoh Pokemon who can learn Hyper Beam as a level up attack or a TM. There are other searching options to choose from as well -- I will be adding more and more options later on.

In addition, I have added the old name etymologies. Now you can find out how Pikachu got its name! Unfortunately, the PokeRep currently does not have etymologies for fourth generation Pokemon (#387-#493). If you think you can provide any of these, please drop me at e-mail at

Also, if you discover any errors while browsing through the PokeRep, please tell me! Information is only good if it's error-free, so I need everyone's help in keeping it that way. Happy browsing!