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Thread: Rules of the Fan Fiction Board

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    Default Rules of the Fan Fiction Board

    Basic rules for all readers and writers to follow.

    No stealing. Most important rule of all, if you're caught stealing stories from others on the internet and claiming them as your own, you will be banned from the Fan Fiction Board forever, and most probably banned from PD too.

    Be smart. If a fan fiction is obviously good, don't go in and randomly insult the writer by saying 'How dumb'. Give constructive criticism and only joke around if you make it absolutely sure to everyone that you're joking. However, a combo of insults and constructive criticism is allowed, which is probably the best way to express your distaste for a shitty fan fic.

    Geez you're an asshole who doesn't know how to write
    Is NOT acceptable but

    Geez you're an asshole who doesn't know how to write. You forgot all your punctuation and CAPITIAL LETTERS obviously don't mean a thing to you.
    Is acceptable. It contains advice along with some of your anger, but don't go overboard with the insulting or this rule will change.

    Keep all chapters in one thread. We do not want a separate thread for every chapter, it clutters up the forum, and threads of this nature will be deleted immediately whether you have saved them or not. If you would like your chapters to be together in a page instead of randomly scattered after a dozen comments, you can either request that readers don't give comments until you've finished writing or ask a mod to purge the thread for you.

    Take advice. Don't blow up just because others say your story is bad. Getting all whiny doesn't help, and I really hate people who do that anyway. If people say that it's bad, it's probably bad, so take their advice to improve yourself instead of crying like a baby.

    Don't post too many stories in one go. Normally if you have too many stories, you don't have the time to maintain them and they all end up dying. My advice would be to concentrate on getting and finishing a good story before starting on a second one.

    If you've been PMed about a low quality story, don't post any more stories until the matter of the current one is resolved. This is because if you continue creating stories while one is under inspection, high chances are that your writing skills have not improved a lot. It just gives mods a lot more trouble, so settle the matter of bad story with the mods before posting more stories that are very likely to be bad.

    If you've written a fan fic (story) related to Pokemon, please post it in this forum. You are currently reading the rules. Here's how to post a fan fic:

    1. Register for a login if you haven't got one already.
    2. Come into this "Fan Fics" forum and click "new thread".
    3. Type the topic the name of your story.
    4. Type your story in the text box.
    5. Click "Post".

    Your story may have a little violence, but only a little. You may not use any foul language, or put adult-oriented content inside the story. Your story can be about long as it's related to Pokemon. Make sure that it's long enough to make a point.

    I encourage those of you who read the stories to help me rate them from a scale of 1 to 5. This will help me out a lot in the process of putting this on the website. If you want me to post your story on the Pokemon Dream website, please Private Message me, and I'll review the story to see if it qualifies. Thank you all and happy posting!

    Mewtwo's rules brought to you by: Kakashi.

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    Procedure for budding writers

    Right. You've written a story, but is it good? That's for the mods to decide. First of all, we underestand that not everyone are awesome writers. Some need guidance, especially when comments for improvement from the more expierenced writers. This is the section for you.

    1. Bad stories are identified by the mods, mainly either Kelsh or I.
    or me =>_>=

    2. Your story needs to buck up, it has to show. The not too outstanding stories will have "Needs improvement". This is for readers to know which stories are under construction, and which are the ones that are already good.

    3. Comments. When they see "Needs imrovement", a few expierenced writers will drop in to give a few tips. Make sure you act on them, the advice is very valuable.

    4. Don't post another story until you feel that your current one is done to the best of your abilities. However, if the mods don't see you improve in your writing after 3 or so stories, we will have to contact you. Choice: Try harder and improve, or be restricted from the fan fiction board.

    Restriction is only in cases of very bad stories posted repeated, don't worry, as long as your stor is reasonable, you won't be restricted.

    More enthusiastic one, though, can request for a tutor to teach you. Similarly, if you have gotten approval, you may offer to tutor someone. This can only happen if both tutor and pupil are agreeable though.

    Evrything has an opposite. There are also special treats for good writers. Your story will be able to have (Highly Recommended) added in to the title, and you might get recognition to tutor someone else
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    how do I write a story i'm new to this I would appreciate it aloso I think the author of this Pokemondream ( I think it's mewtwo) should make a pokemon crater like site but wayyy diffrent and a bit more interesting ( no offense to the person who created pokemon crater pokemon crater rocks!!!) and u r doing a great job

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    One: Pokedream does not have an "author."
    Two: Pokemon Crater has nothing to do with fan-fics.
    Three: Get out.

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    lol. Just lol.
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    I love how every single person posting here totally disregards every sticky topic.
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