first of all i would be in a team of stealing pokemon thieves ok here is my starter
bagon(met at pokemon training camp)starter
weavile(got after a pokemon bet)
flygon(caught wounded in a desert)
pichu(i caught it trying to steal my bagon)
empoleon(helped me make the 2 ice age and freeze team galactic)
gengar(ive heard that my team was making a mega pokemon so the team leader was planning to burn down my home town so entered the base empoleon froze all of the team and bagon used dragon breath to set the place on fire and then my pichu tricked the leader by using fake tears and my flygon picked him up flew him to the roof and knocked him off killing him.i went into the room with all of my pokemon ready to battle and i saw 5 master balls on the floor i picked one up and i captured my ghost at lvl 50