Or male-friend, depening on your gender/orientation. Anyone got one at the moment? Let KS refresh many memories-

I dated a girl named Megan whom I posted pictures of years ago. I dated her for four and a half years total, from the age of 14. I lost my virginity to her January of last year, three and a half years later, and figured that was all she wrote. Which of course is romantic and fairy-tale bullshit.

We broke up around September because school was taking so much of her time (I already called bullshit), and when I talked to her again she was dating some boy named Nick. Go KS- I couldn't even make her mourn us breaking up. C'est la vie.

So after months of being depressed and anti-social, I decided to test the waters again, and I've got to say I've been fairly successful. I've seen a few females over the past few months, and I've found one that shows promise. She's sweet, clever, intelligent, funny, and affectionate- the last one was lacked by the former girlfriend, so it really is refreshing.

A picture-

What about you guys, not asking God, Dogar, or Mex of course =P Those three tend to be fairly pessemistic about any form of congenial emotion.

Or were- might thou have changed?