All your newbs please listen up.

This is getting dumb. I've been scrolling through this board and the threads are mostly for asking questions. Really basic questions too. Once someone answers it, the thread maker just says 'thank you' and the thread dies. Come on. This forum has a main website, PokeDream. Please do us a favour by checking the walkthroughs there before posting questions here, such as 'Where do we find Drifloon' etc etc. Here are the links.

Diamond/ Pearl Walkthrough
Ruby/ Sapphire Walkthrough
Emerald Walkthrough
Firered/ Leafgreen Walkthrough

For any other walkthrough you might want, refer to here. For the PokeDream index, go here.

If you guys are looking for information on Pokemon species etc, we have a PokeRep that Mewtwo very kindly done up for us, please don't ignore his hard work.

So please guys, no more 'how do I get to one island' kind of threads, that inormation is easily found on our main website. Instead, more threads such as Dragonberry's Dragon≠Flying which actually spurs discussion is encouraged.

Thank you.