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Thread: Legacies of a Pokemon Dream Declared Open!

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    Default Legacies of a Pokemon Dream Declared Open!

    The sites massive interactive roleplay, Legacies of a Pokemon Dream, was officially declared open today!

    Legacies of a Pokemon Dream is a massive interactive writing and fanfiction integral roleplay which has been worked on and crafted for many months. The team now feels that, with the concrete laid for this project, it can rocket it into success and not wallow in an abyss.

    The RP is open to everyone, and battling, contests, fun stuff, and whatever you want to do in the Pokemon world can be explored at ones own will. Like the site, this RP is an aesthetic feature and costs nothing, and is a part of the forum.

    Hicky, a spokesman, said, "I've always wanted something like this on our forum. It really makes it seem more special; it really adds another branch to the PD file cabinet. The project is racing in development and I hope that one day my ambition of having the biggest role-play on the internet can become true! We have the right equipment; the project is set out in full, and I really hope it goes well."

    We hope you enjoy the experience!

    You can view the Legacies of a Pokémon Dream at the following link - Legacies of a Pokemon Dream. Note you must register first, but registration is quick, easy, and free, and shouldn't take long!
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