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    CHAPTER 1: New Team in Town

    The alarm released an earsplitting sound, echoing throughout the halls of the Viridian Gym’s lower levels. The black-clad grunts of the notorious Team Rocket were all sent into a state of shock. Quickly, the soldiers scrambled to their positions, unsure whether to think this was a drill, or an invasion. Many went to the security room to check the cameras for movement, while many others went to the containment areas, where their Boss, Giovanni, kept his most powerful Pokemon locked in cages. Up above them, on the ground level, a battle raged.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    2 Minutes Before-
    = = = = = = = = = =

    With his hand slowly stroking the head of his faithful Persian, Giovanni, leader of Team Rocket, sat in silence, enjoying a moment free of whining from Rocket Members, and the agonizing cries of a challenger who was handed a loss at the hands of Giovanni’s army of ground Pokemon. For once, the leader could enjoy serenity and silence, something he was rarely granted. However, that moment was abruptly shattered.

    A glistening beam of orange energy erupted through the main entry, the heavy metal doors being blown into the battle arena. Giovanni quickly opened his eyes and rose to his feet, instinctively grabbing a pokeball from his jacket pocket. Smoke spread from the now open doorway, stopping Giovanni from seeing anything.

    “Who’s there?” He yelled. “Who dares attack my gym?” He was granted no reply. As the dust began to slowly clear, his Persian growled menacingly, its eyes fixed on the door. Pressing the button on the pokeball to enlarge it, Giovanni threw out the sphere and released one of his champions, Golem.

    Golem’s body was that of a giant boulder composed of slabs of extremely hard stone. From the bottom came two short, tan colored legs. Two short arms came from the sides, and finally, it’s reptilian head from the center near the top. “Golem, find out what the HELL is going on here!” He yelled, his companion obeying.

    The Pokemon’s limbs retreated into the rocky shell like a turtle and rolled into the smoke, soon fading out of sight. Only silence followed. Suddenly, another orange blast, this one hitting the base of the artificial cliff Giovanni’s throne rested on. It shook under him, but luckily, it didn’t collapse. However, now lodged two feet into the rock, was Golem, unconscious. The living boulder fell out of the wall, landing with a thud, leaving a circular hole in his wake. With clenched teeth, Giovanni pressed the alarm button on his throne, deciding to rally his Team.

    “Show yourself you cowards!” He shouted, hoping to get a response. But now, from the almost clear doorway, three figures emerged.

    The one in the center was dressed in neat clothing. A three-piece suit, all of black, covered his chest, while black dress pants covered the rest. He donned a pair of expensive looking sunglasses, covering his brown eyes. His hair, a light brown, was kept low cut and gelled, while the beginning signs of a moustache lined the top of his lip.

    To his left, was a person of equal height, wearing the same clothing, with the exception that the buttoned shirt under his suit was a dark blue? His hair was a darker brown, and not gelled, simply brushing his short hair back. He too had matching sunglasses.

    To the center man’s right was the final person. His undershirt was red, and his hair a very dark brown, its silky tips reaching past his shoulders. Atop his head was an old fashioned top hat, and around his neck, a silver cross necklace. He, unlike his comrades, had no sunglasses.

    But there was one fact that Giovanni couldn’t shake about these three…

    They appeared no older than seventeen. They were teenagers.

    “What the hell is this?” Giovanni shouted in his authority’s voice, the sound booming out towards the three. The one in the hat only smirked, while the other two remained stone-faced. Getting irritated, the Viridian Gym Leader withdrew another pokeball. “Answer me or face the consequences!”

    “OoOoOo.” The one in the top hat murmured. “Sounds like he isn’t all too happy about you trashing his door boss.” He said to the middle man. The one in the center, obviously their leader, showed no emotion.

    “He might be a little steamed about you teaching his Golem a lesson.” The one with the blue shirt said cockily. “Seems he wants a second round.”

    Giovanni, unamused, threw his ball, bringing out his Machamp. The four-armed titan of a Pokemon shouted its name while flexing it’s mass of muscles. Granted, the sight was intimidating, but the lead adolescent showed no fear. He simply pointed towards it, Giovanni taken aback by this. Then, the teen said two words that pieced everything together.

    “Hyper beam.”

    The orange blast came forth from the doorway, the source of the attack unseen to Giovanni from his balcony. Bringing its four arms up, Machamp attempted to block the attack, but to no avail. Even a Pokemon of its strength couldn’t resist this hyper beam. The fighting Pokemon was shot backwards and into the wall, finally falling atop Golem. With gritted teeth, Giovanni recalled the two Pokemon, and glared at the three people.

    “What do you want? A gym battle?” He said angrily, as if trying to find justification for their actions. The middle man laughed a bit, and then raised his sunglasses, looking at Giovanni with naked eyes.

    “I don’t want your pathetic badge gym leader.” He spoke with a threatening hint. “I want your gym.”

    “WHAT?!” The Rocket leader yelled out, his voice showing signs of laughter. The three however, didn’t smile. “The gym?! What is wrong with you two?! Gyms cannot simply be won!” He yelled again.

    “Sure they can. Without a leader, the gym can switch ownership.” The middle man spoke. “And Viridian Gym is about to find itself without a leader.” He said, his eyes narrowing. Giovanni’s smile faded. So that was their plan…

    Suddenly, from the two doors on either side of Giovanni, Rocket members flooded out, answering the alarm. Their full force, around twenty, all withdrew a pokeball, and stared down the three kids, awaiting orders.

    “Rockets! These three plan to take over Viridian Gym! I know you know what to do, right?!” He yelled, giving them their order. All twenty-three of them threw out their pokeballs, releasing an array of poison, ground, and normal type Pokemon. The small army looked over the three, awaiting their attack choice.

    The leader simply looked to the two at his sides. “Psyche, Jester, deal with them.” He said simply. With a wide grin, Jester, the top hat teen, withdrew a pokeball, while his calm partner, Psyche, withdrew one of his own.

    “Two on twenty? Sound like fair odds to me.” Jester said slyly, throwing out his pokeball. Psyche’s, thrown at the same time, landed right next to Jester’s. The two balls sprang open, their respective champions emerging.

    Psyche’s Pokemon gave a menacing look to the Rocket army, its red eyes and Cheshire cat smile looking them over. Gengar snickered and readied itself for battle. The Pokemon, a ghost type, was Psyche’s mightiest warrior, and could easily take on half the force.

    Jester’s Pokemon was a picture of elegance and grace. Gardevoir, the psychic Pokemon, ran a hand through its green hair and gave a smile of allure and confidence. The Pokemon raised its hand and looked over her foes as strands of dark energy flowed around its grasp.

    “Take care of them.” The leader said.

    “Attack!” Giovanni yelled to his troops.

    But it was too late. The Rocket army had no protection against the enemy. At the same exact moment, both Psyche and Jester yelled the same order to their Pokemon. “Psychic.” In a wave of blue energy, the entire army of Pokemon, along with their trainers, were lifted into the air, and sent crashing into the gym walls. All of them were knocked out, if not killed. Giovanni’s eyes widened in terror, his Persian not showing its previous defensiveness. Pokemon and Rocket members lay against the walls, not a single one of them moving. Gaining confidence and with a rush of adrenaline, the Persian sprang into action, defending its master. Despite Giovanni’s cry of warning, the cat was on a direct course for the leader. However, the dark energy around Gardevoir’s hand was put to use.

    “Shadow ball.” Jester commanded, the orb of dark matter sent forth and crashing into Persian, blasting the feline into the opposite wall, closing the distance of twenty feet easily. It didn’t appear to be breathing.

    “Listen up Giovanni. I’m going to do this by the books.” The leader said. “You versus me, one on one. If I win, the gym is mine. If I lose, I pay for repairs and give you all our Pokemon.” He said, making his offer sound desirable. But Giovanni knew that it was the only way. The strength in that Gengar and Gardevoir was immense. Too much to take on at the same time.

    “Fine.” He reluctantly agreed.

    = = = = = = = = = =

    On one side of the gym, no longer on his cliff, stood Giovanni, his brown suit still neat after all the commotion. His face was that of pure determination and concealed anger. His fists were clenched and his teeth pressed together.

    On the other side, the enemy leader, his sunglasses once again covering his eyes. Unlike his foe, the teen was relaxed and loose, as if this was all some sort of game.

    Psyche declared himself the referee for the match, and scheduled its start.

    “The following is a Pokemon battle between Viridian Gym Leader Giovanni, and challenger, Michael. Each trainer will use three Pokemon, victory only obtained through defeat of all three, or forfeit. No retreats at any time, unless due to knockout. At stake is the ownership of The Viridian Gym against all the Pokemon of Michael, Jester, and myself. Are these conditions understood?” He asked, getting nods from both competitors. “Good. Let the battle begin!”

    “You will never take this gym from me child! It has been mine since its creation, and no tough-guy teenager is going to destroy my legacy! Aggron, I choose you!” He yelled, throwing out a pokeball. The Pokemon that emerged was one of his most powerful. Aggron was, in essence, a black dinosaur covered with glistening armor-like carapace. The massive beast scraped at the ground with its foot, mimicking a bull preparing to charge. At this sight, Michael merely humped.

    “I’ll admit this Giovanni, Aggron is a powerful Pokemon. However, you know in the back of your mind that you cannot beat me. Your Golem and Machamp felt my wrath already. How long do you think your Aggron will last?” He mocked, at which Giovanni merely scowled.

    “Stop gloating and choose your warrior.” Giovanni demanded. Michael, with a smile, complied.

    “Very well Gym Leader.” He said before snapping his fingers. “Let the festivities begin. I choose…” He withdraws and throws a pokeball. “Heracross!” In a flash of light, the Pokemon appeared. Heracross, a large Hercules beetle, was known as one of the strongest bug Pokemon discovered. Michael’s put a few more points in its favor. It was easily a foot taller than the average Heracross; however, Aggron still had two feet on it.

    “Aggron, tackle attack!” Giovanni yelled. Obeying its master, Aggron charged, its steel frame coming with the force of an armored truck. As it closed in, Heracross remained still, until the last possible second-

    “Counter.” Michael said calmly. The large beetle sidestepped the attack and, using both arms, power slammed Aggron, sending the Pokemon crashing into the ground. “Now, mega punch!” With Aggron on the ground, Heracross’ fist turned a shining white and slammed into the stomach of Aggron, the dinosaur letting out a yell of pain. “Now, Seismic Toss!”

    In a matter of seconds, Aggron was slammed, punched, and thrown back to Giovanni, the creature landing at his feet. It could hardly bring itself to stand.

    “Mega horn.” Michael commanded. The beetle charged, its horn glowing.

    “Iron Defense!” Giovanni yelled, knowing the proper counter. The armor of Aggron glowed white, the steel hardening five fold. When the two collided, the impact was massive. In a show of strength, Heracross’ horn slammed into Aggron, sending the giant flying backwards, almost crashing into Giovanni. With a ragged breath, Giovanni realized what he was facing… This teenager could not be stopped.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    = = = = = = = = = =

    Ash, May, Brock, and Max all made their way through the thick woods. Having lost their map a few miles back, they were wandering blindly. Their only hope was staying on their current path. It was a familiar land to Ash, but still, he couldn’t help but feel at the mercy of The Viridian Forest. Earlier that day, the four paid a visit to Brock’s family, who did little else but beg Brock to cook for them.

    Since Ash had no gyms to seek out, and no badges to earn, it was purely time for rest and relaxation. Ash had taken the opportunity to travel back to Kanto and see all his friends and family. At the moment, the four were en route to Pallet Town, Ash wanting to see his mom again.

    Originally, the four had traveled to Cerulean City to see Misty, but only her sisters were home. They informed Ash that Misty had gone to Pallet Town for dinner with Ash’s mom, so their visit there would serve two purposes.

    It had been hours since they entered the forest, and even longer since they had eaten. However, Ash’s meager knowledge of the forest at least told him they couldn’t be in there for more than another hour. Dealing with their stomach pains, the four decided to hold off on eating until they reached Viridian City.

    Suddenly, they heard the sounds of running water. A stream.

    The four came upon a rushing stream, the glistening water a welcome sight.

    “Water! Thank you thank you thank you thank you.” May began to say to no one in particular. She dropped hurriedly to her knees and cupped her hands in the water, greedily drinking it. Brock opened his canteen and filled it while Ash and Max tried to find some source of food. They checked tree after tree and found no fruit.

    “Well guys, I hate to say it, but we’ll have to wait until we get to the city.” Ash admitted, his shoulders slumping.

    “Look on the bright side Ash,” Brock began. “At least now we have fresh water. That’s one problem solved.” He smiled and continued filling the canteen. Meanwhile, Max continued searching trees and may continued drinking.

    “I figure another hour and we’re out.” Ash thought aloud, scratching his chin. “Wow, sure brings back memories being here. Catching my first two Pokemon.” He closed his eyes and breathed deep. “It’s almost like I’m ten again.”

    “Heh, we all know how boring your life was before you met Misty and I.” Brock laughed, getting only narrow eyes from Ash. Before he could retort, Max yelled in victory.

    “Guys! I found an apple tree!” He shouted an apple securely in each hand. At the sound of his find, May gave up on the water, tackled Max, and grabbed an apple from his hand. After taking an immense bite, and smiled with glee.

    “Food. Actual, real food!” May say in happiness.

    “Yeah, but once we hit Viridian, we’ll get some good food.” Brock said, recalling his numerous trips to Viridian city.

    “What’s it like there?” May asked, taking a moment away from her apple.

    “Pretty quiet from what I remember…” Ash said, knowing not what sort of chaos was truly happening there at that very moment.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    At the gym…
    = = = = = = = = = =

    “Is that all?” Michael taunted, his Heracross standing before the beaten body of Giovanni’s Nidoqueen. The large dinosaur’s stomach was on the receiving end of Heracross’ signature move, The Megahorn. Just like Aggron and Cloyster who fought before it, Nidoqueen had felt defeat at the hands of the maneuver. “I do believe that I’ve won.” He said with a smile.

    “All three of Giovanni’s pokemon have been defeated.” Psyche announced. “Winner, and new Viridian Gym Leader, Michael Bernal.” He said with a tone of expectancy. As if he thought there was no other possible outcome.

    “This… This can’t be happening…” Giovanni said in hushed breath, sweat rolling down his face. “This isn’t possible…”

    “It is.” Michael assured him. “And now that the gym is mine, I will be destroying it.” At this, Giovanni’s face paled and rose, his gaze locking with Michael’s.

    “What?! Why?!” He demanded.

    “Simple. This location is to become my new headquarters. The headquarters of Team Void.” He said. Giovanni gasped and suddenly understood everything. “Oh yes Giovanni, I knew before I even walked in that this was the headquarters of Team Rocket. I knew your lackeys would try and take me out, which is why I had Psyche and Jester accompany me. But now, since I own this gym, I will be taking out the foundation of Team Rocket and rid it from the face of the planet.” Michael said, imagining his grand vision. He returned Heracross to it’s pokeball, and turned to Psyche and Jester. “Leave.”

    Without words, Psyche and Jester left. Giovanni was left alone with Michael, surrounded by the beaten bodies of Rockets and their pokemon. With a tilt of his head, Michael spoke the last words Giovanni would ever hear.

    “Well now, time for the fireworks. Did you ever wonder what fired those beams, and why you couldn’t see it? It’s time for you to find out…” Michael turned to the doorway. He stared at something in the sky; something that Giovanni couldn’t see until he really focused. It was small, but visible. From there, it was only a small light. Giovanni grimly realized- It was a pokemon. Michael spoke into a small microphone on his collar, and in doing so, ended the existence of the Viridian Gym.

    “Moltres, hyper beam.” He said as he began to calmly walk out the door. The small flame in the sky began to grow larger and larger. Giovanni suddenly realized that it wasn’t getting larger, but rather than something else was coming closer and closer. It was the same orange beam that decimated Golem and Machamp.

    Moltres, the legendary pokemon of fire, The Phoenix, was acting like a damn satellite laser, firing it’s destructive beams from high in the sky. Giovanni had no time to figure out how this mere child of seventeen had the service of one of the strongest pokemon ever to exist. In a whoosh, Michael disappeared, picked up by something quick moving.

    Now sitting atop a bird of steel, Michael looked down at the gym as he slowly flew away. In the distance, he saw the orange beam crash into the gym and level it. In a matter of moments, the structure collapsed into wreckage. Giovanni was surely dead. Moltres had done it’s work.

    Michael, riding the pokemon Skarmory, looked to his right. Psyche and Jester, each levitating with the assistance of Gengar and Gardevoir’s psychic maneuver, were traveling alongside.

    “So boss, that’s taken care of. What now?” Psyche asked.

    “We continue with the plan.” Michael said simply. “Radio the administrators and have them initiate phase two of the plan.” At this, Psyche withdrew a small walkie talkie.

    “Matt,” Psyche began. “Initiate phase two. Begin construction of the new gym, and send out the information suppression agents.” He said. His gaze strayed to the section of sky in which Moltres had resided, but now, the phoenix was gone, never to be seen by the people of Viridian.

    “Heh heh. ‘Mandatory destruction of the gym due to structural inefficiency. Use of pokemon for destruction due to failed delivery of explosive charges.’” Jester recited aloud. “Sounds almost too good.” He said, congratulating himself for thinking up the excuse.

    CHAPTER 2: Downfall

    They had all seen it; the shining beam of energy that came from the sky and crashed into the unseen distance. Even from Viridian Forest, the glint of the beam could be seen between the thick treetops. Whatever it was, it had hit Viridian City. As smoke rose in the distance, Ash and his companions all looked on in confusion, unsure of what to think.

    "Guys? What was that?" Ash asked, knowing no one would have an answer.

    "We better get to the city and find out." Brock said, screwing on the cap to the canteen. "Whatever it is, it can?t be good." Stowing the canteen in his backpack and swinging it over his shoulder, he joined the other three as they all ran towards the city, no longer caring about their empty stomachs.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Viridian City - One Hour Later
    = = = = = = = = = =

    A large crowd had gathered around the wreckage of the gym, but several men in black suits held them back, saying it wasn't safe. Their explanation for the destruction was because the building wasn?t structurally sound, so a rebuilding is in process. Due to their shipment of explosive charges not arriving, there had to have been use of a pokemon. The black suited man spread this story as if it were the latest gossip in a school. What's worse though, is everyone bought it. The crowd slowly departed, leaving behind only a few stragglers who were asked directly by the agents to leave.

    Behind the agents, near the wreckage, Psyche and his Gengar landed from their levitation. Upon touching the ground, Gengar immediately exhaled and caught his breath. Psyche knew it was difficult to keep yourself and another afloat with something like Psychic, but Gengar was no average pokemon.

    "Good work Gengar. Rest well." Psyche said, returning Gengar to it's pokeball. Putting his pokeball in his suit pocket, Psyche approached another black suited man, this one with a white undershirt. His hair was black and sported a crew cut. His hands were clasped behind his back as he looked on at the scene before him.

    A massive pokemon by the name of Rhydon was smashing the stone wreckage of the gym. Rather than finding a place to move heavy pieces of stone, the monster of a pokemon was merely bashing it all into smaller pieces, allowing for easier transport. The Pokemon’s body was brown, dinosaur like, and with a spiral horn emerging from it’s nose. The black haired man looked on with a smile.

    "Matt, is everything going well so far?" Psyche asked, now standing alongside his comrade. He too was locked on Rhydon's handiwork. He knew it was one of the best; Michael trained it. Their boss left Rhydon with Matt as part of the plan. So far, everything was going as scheduled.

    "So far, so good." The man said, looking down at Psyche. Matt, unlike the lead triad of the Team, was a full grown man of twenty-eight. He never questioned why there were teenagers in charge of a crime gang, no one did. The last one who demanded answers was sent to the hospital with six broken ribs. Handy work of Heracross no doubt. "Once Rhydon is done here, we'll get the area cleared and begin construction immediately."

    "What about the civilians? Do they sense something's amiss?" Psyche asked, addressing his only concern.

    "They seem to be buying the story. We won't have any problems boss." Matt assured his superior. After a moment of silence, the two watching Rhydon work, Psyche spoke.

    "How much longer is this clearing job going to take?"

    "I'd say an hour." Matt estimated, knowing Rhydon's strength. "Once it's clear, we can proceed into their lower levels and see what we can dig up."

    "Alright, I?ll lead that search when the time comes."

    "Yes sir." Matt said with a nod.

    "In the meantime, let's speed this up." Psyche said with impatience, withdrawing a pokeball. He threw the orb out, and in a flash of light, his pokemon appeared. It was a small little blob of pink gel with signs of a face on it. Simple, yet tricky to combat. Ditto. Matt raised an eyebrow as he looked on. "Ditto, Transform." Psyche ordered.

    Ditto looked at Psyche, then at Rhydon. It's pink body turned a glowing white and began to change shape, slowly taking the form of Rhydon. The glow faded, and Matt and Psyche were left looking at two Rhydon. Ditto got to work, using Rock Smash just as the original was.

    "Now it'll be only half an hour." Psyche said with a smile, stressing the word 'half.'" Matt laughed a bit at this and turned back to the city.

    "Let me ask you a question. Why Viridian City?" Matt asked, unclear about their motives in this task. Psyche turned and stood alongside him again.

    "Two reasons. First, Boss knew Giovanni was the leader of Team Rocket. By destroying the gym, we get rid of a threat. Secondly, just a few miles from here is The Pokemon League." Psyche said, his eyes now staring off in the direction of Victory Road. "Don't worry yourself Matt." Psyche patted the man on the shoulder and turned to the wreckage. "Have the trucks pulled up so we can clear out the bodies."

    "What about people seeing? They'll know it wasn?t a scheduled demolition if they see the bodies of people and pokemon being thrown in the back of a truck." With a sigh, Psyche withdrew a pokeball from his pocket. He once again released his Gengar, who was still worn out and tired.

    "Sorry to interrupt your rest, but we need your Mist." Psyche said to Gengar, who nodded in return. It's eyes turned a light blue and a thick, dense mist began to seep from it's mouth. It quickly spread out and covered all of Viridian City. Soon, no one, including Team Void, could see more than a foot in front of them.

    Under the cover of the mist, Rhydon and Ditto began unearthing the bodies of dead Rockets and their pokemon, throwing them in the back of a large storage truck.

    Everything was going according to plan...

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Outskirts of Viridian...
    = = = = = = = = = =

    The four arrived at Viridian City at long last. From atop a cliff, they looked down on Viridian and saw plumes of smoke rising from an unseen section of the city. Even stranger though, it appeared that a thick fog was rapidly settling. The mist spread throughout a large portion of the city quickly, the blanket of blue enveloping the bases of buildings.

    "Guys? What's going on down there?" May asked, utterly confused by the situation. However, the other three had no answers. They were just as lost in these events. Taking initiative, Brock began the run down the path towards the city, the others close behind.

    They arrived in the city, a portion untouched by the mist. In the distance, Ash saw the Pokemon Center and knew it was a place where they could get some answers. The four ran towards the dome building and nearly crashed through the doors. They rushed to the counter and rang the small bell there. No one came out. Ash rang it again.

    "Coming, coming." A smooth voice assured him. Emerging from the back was a picture of beauty. She was dressed in a white and pink nurse's outfit, composed of a medium length skirt and long, frilled sleeves. Her hair was pink and kept in two loops, one to each side. It was your typical Nurse Joy, caretaker of all pokemon centers. "Yes?" She asked sweetly.

    "What's going on here?" Ash asked, getting only a confused look from the nurse. Suddenly, her face brightened.

    "Oh, the demolitions." She said with a smile.

    "Demolitions?" All four said at once.

    "Yes, demolitions. Our gym, after no many battles, became structurally unsound. So, it had to be demolished. Since explosives didn’t show up on time, they had to use a Pokemon’s hyper beam to destroy the gym. Apparently, the Mist attack was used because there was a casualty amongst the team of specialists, so they don't want any small children seeing the removal of the body." Joy recited, as if she had memorized it all in advance. Ash, May, Max, and Brock were all still lost. To Ash, the story made sense, but it didn't seem true.

    "Who is going these demolitions?" He questioned.

    "I'm not sure exactly who they are, but I think they're a new police force in Viridian or something. All their suits have gold 'V' on their chest pocket. I guess our tax dollars are finally doing something." She said happily.

    Before Ash could ask another question, the doors opened and another person entered the pokemon center. He was taller than Ash by a few inches, the top hat doing little else but add to the height difference. He wore a black suit and nice red undershirt, black pants, and his shoulder length brown hair was tied in a small ponytail. On the chest pocket of his suit was gold 'V' that shone in the light. The teen approached the desk and withdrew a pokeball.

    "Good evening. Welcome to the Pokemon Center." Nurse Joy said in her bubbly time. The teen smiled and handed his pokeball to Joy.

    "Good evening. I fear my Gardevoir overexerted herself." He said with a smile, Joy taking the ball from him.

    "Not a problem. She'll be fixed up in no time sir. Just take a seat." She said to the teen before turning to Ash. "He's with them. I'm sure he could answer some of your questions." Joy said before disappearing behind the doors to the operating room. Ash looked over to the kid of sixteen and approached the booth he was sitting at. Approached the Suit, who merely looked at him from under his hat.

    "Can I help you?" He asked Ash, who just looked on.

    "Umm.. yeah. Are you with the group that's doing demolitions here?" He asked, noticing the gold 'V' on his suit. With a smile, he removed the top hat, set it on the table, and extended his hand.

    "Shaun Logue, at your service." He said with a grin as Ash shook his hand.

    "I'm Ash, from Pallet Town." He said, finding it appropriate to complete the circle of greetings. Shaun extended his hand for Ash to take a seat, which he did.

    "I'm one of the heads of the division. I assume you haven't heard about the demolition and want to find out. Right?" He asked Ash, who, after a moment, nodded.

    "Yeah. Nurse Joy said it was because of the gym being unstable or something." He said, recalling Joy's story. Shaun snickered a bit, but then leaned forward.

    "Listen up. That story's all bull. You really wanna know why we're here?" He asked, getting a nervous nod from Ash. "Well, we're all actually secret police. We discovered that Viridian Gym was the headquarters of Team Rocket, and we were sent to destroy the gym and arrest their boss, Gym Leader Giovanni." Shaun said, enjoying twisting the truth. An answer like that would keep the hounds from asking more questions.

    "Secret... police?" Ash said to himself in a hushed voice.

    "Yes. Now, I know you can understand my need to remain incognito. So, do me a favor, and keep this between us. Tell your friends there that it was just a demolition. I don’t need this whole things crashing over my head." Shaun said, getting a nod of understanding from Ash. Suddenly, Joy emerged.

    "Here you are sir, she’s feeling much better." Joy said cheerily, presenting the pokeball. Shaun grabbed his hat, placed it atop his head, and grabbed the ball.

    "Thank you nurse." He swooned, turning towards the door. He exited the building, leaving only Ash with answers that were remotely true.

    "So, who is he?!" May asked hurriedly to Ash. After a silent moment, Ash remembered his promise to the agent, and kept his word.

    "Like Nurse Joy said. It's all just a demolitions project." Ash lied. May let out a sigh, as if she were hoping for it to be something better.

    "Oh well?" May said to herself, shoulders sagging.

    "Well guys, we should find a place to stay. It's going to be dark soon." Brock said, bringing to light a small problem. At this, Joy perked up.

    "Well, we have a few spare rooms. You're welcome to stay the night." Joy offered. "But first, how about some dinner?"

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Viridian Gym Lower Levels - One Hour Later
    = = = = = = = = = =

    The path to the lower levels had been cleared by Rhydon and Ditto, who had both been sent back to their pokeballs. Psyche, Matt, and ten members of Team Void had begun to search the rooms. Psyche had found the information storage room; a room filled with computers containing information vital to the survival of Team Rocket. Things like hideout locations, associates, and future plans were all contained in the files. Matt hit the jackpot and found a room filled with caged pokemon. Taking the empty pokeballs from the wall, he captured all of them and put them in his pocket; a wonderful present for his boss.

    Jester walked down the stairs to the lower levels, the thick mist above keeping people away from the otherwise bare opening. He made his way down the stairs and was met by a member of the team, some grunt who Shaun didn't know. He led Jester to the information room where Psyche was waiting.

    Evan was seated in an office chair in the massive computer room, looking over files. Jester took a seat next to him and looked on.

    "Bingo." Psyche said in quiet success. "We were right, this place is their headquarters. Every place else is just an outpost of some kind. We ripped Rocket's fucking heart out. Only problem is we need a passcode to get to the juicy stuff."

    "So, what kind of structure are we dealing with down here?" Shaun asked, changing the subject a bit.

    "Information room, pokemon vault, treasure room, member?s quarters, cafeteria, this place has everything." Psyche said with a sigh, leaning back in his chair.

    "Any resistance?" Shaun asked.

    "Yeah. When we first got down here, the few Rockets that were left had sealed the blast doors. Rhydon took that shit down though. Four Rockets put up a fight... a bad fight." He laughed.

    "Where are they now?" Jester asked.

    "Member's quarters. I was waiting for you before we began interrogation." Psyche said, at which, Jester smiled.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Member's Quarters - A While Later
    = = = = = = = = = =

    "You could be making this SO much easier." Jester admitted, his hands playing with a deck of cards. He was standing in the well lit member's quarters, shuffling the deck. Psyche stood beside him, arms crossed. Before them were the four remaining Rockets. One was a man with purple hair, tied to a chair with rope, his face bloodied with several strange cuts. The other man had a bowl haircut and was also strapped to a chair, none of these strange cuts on his face. Instead of looking at their captors, the two men were looking to their right.

    "James, this can end so easily." Jester assured the cut up man. "All I want is the pass code to the computer system." At this, James gave no answer. Scowling, Jester quickly threw one of the cards in the deck at him, the plastic coated cards slicing into his cheek. He yelped in pain and gritted his teeth, but otherwise, remained strong. "You amaze me James. Now I see why you're an executive member. And here I thought that having one of my soldiers electrocute your partner would break you. Silly me.” Jester said in self-scolding.

    "Let... Jessie... go..." He said weakly, looking at the red haired Rocket as she grunted in pain.

    "Tell me the pass code." Psyche said. "Do that and she's free." James seemed to consider it, a tear gathering in his eye. Breaking his thought, the man beside him yelled.

    "Don't do it James!" Butch yelled angrily. "We can't allow the entire organization to fall because of what's going on. Jessie and Cassidy wouldn't want you to give in." James looked at his tied up companion, then to the two women.

    "Go to hell." James said simply to the two executive members of Void. Jester let loose a spine chilling laugh; the kind a psychotic clown would release.

    "Psyche, this is fun. He's a tough one. Why don't you up the ante a bit?" Jester said.

    Jester increased the voltage.
    James closed his eyes and turned away. A sharp pain slashed across his right eye as another card was thrown at him.

    "Now now now little Rocket. You have to watch." Jester said with a motherly voice. James slowly opened his eyes and looked at the scene before him. Cassidy had passed out.. A few feet away, Jessie felt a greater pain. They began slapping Jessie. Knowing it would add to James' breaking. "Tell me the passcode, and this all STOPS!" Jester yelled, losing his patience.

    "Give up, he ain't gonna tell!" Butch yelled, at which Jester gave him a hard backhand slap.

    "Shut the hell up." Jester scolded. He withdrew three cards from the deck and waved them in front of James' eyes. "Passcode, or she feels the sting of my cards. Now, I KNOW that is something that wouldn?t feel good." He taunted. Jessie's distress filled eyes locked with James', and for a brief moment, a moment that was just long enough, he broke.

    "D57HV900" James said slowly, his head dropping. Butch's eyes shut in anger, going everything he could not to break out of the rope sand strangle James. Jester simply returned the cards to the deck and patted Psyche on the shoulder.

    "We have what we need." Jester said. "I'send these two to the other quarters." He said, insinuating James and Butch. "We'll keep the ladies here... for entertainment." James suddenly realized the double-cross.

    "But you said-!" James began.

    "I say a lot of things." Jester spoke. With a snap of his fingers, six Voids ran into the room. "Two of you, take these men to the west quarters. The rest of you watch them." He said, pointing to the two women.

    The cries of James and Butch did nothing as they were dragged away, still strapped to their chairs.

    "Well, we have the passcode." Jester said. "What did Boss want with it?" He asked, not knowing the entire situation.

    "A year or so back, Giovanni had a business partnership with a certain someone. This ally of his helped bring down countless threats, but due to his stupidity, he lost his partner. This code will reveal the location of our soon-to-be friend... Mewtwo."

    CHAPTER : Rejection

    "That was great..." Ash said, stretching his arms out while he sat upright in bed. "That was one of the best sleeps I've gotten in a long time." He said to Brock, who was already up and putting on his vest. "We need to stay in pokemon centers more often, huh? Sure beats the hard dirt outside."

    "Amen." Brock said, cracking his neck and opening the door. "I'm getting some coffee. Want some?" He offered kindly.

    "No thanks Brock." Ash said, looking to Pikachu who was resting at his side. "If they have stuff for breakfast though, tell me." He said with a smile.

    "Sure thing." Brock said before leaving the room. Now Ash was left alone with only his faithful pokemon, and took the moment of silence to think about what had happened just the night before. Some teenager in a suit and top hat claimed to be secret police and justified destroying a gym and getting rid of dead bodies. The whole thing didn't seem right, but it certainly made sense. Not wanting to remain in bed any longer, Ash got out of bed slowly so he wouldn't awaken Pikachu. He put his jeans on and went downstairs, surprised to find everyone awake.

    May and Max were seated at a table with small plates of eggs and sausage. Brock was at the coffee table, filling a cup with the liquid heaven. He turned to Ash and motioned towards May and Max.

    "Eggs and sausage Ash." Brock informed him. The words were like candy to him. Ash sat down next to May and waited for Nurse Joy to bring him a plate.

    "So, how did you all sleep?" Ash asked May and Max, who both hesitated to answer due to the massive amounts of food in their mouths. After swallowing, Max finally answered.

    "Great. One of the most comfy beds I've ever slept on." He admitted with a big smile. May finished chewing and backed him up on this now apparent fact. Brock then joined them at the table, a steaming cup of coffee in his hand. As soon as he sat, Joy emerged with two plates of eggs and sausage, which she placed in front of Ash and Brock.

    "Thanks Nurse Joy!" Ash said before digging in. Brock merely smiled, nodded, and sipped his coffee, working the ol' Brock charm. Joy smiled and walked away, Brock still smiling.

    "Well Brock, you didn't ambush Nurse Joy and slobber all over her... Have we finally tamed you?" May said jokingly. At this, Brock merely laughed.

    "I have seen the error of my ways. Holding their hand and verbally assaulting them isn't the way to unlock their love. It's through playing it cool, being yourself, and not immediatly confessing your love that leads you into their hearts." Brock said, looking up towards the ceiling, as if reciting a piece of poetry. The others just blankly stared on, setting their hunger aside for the moment.

    "Yeeeah... I'll be right back. I'm going to contact Professor Oak and tell him we'll be in Pallet Town tomorrow." Ash said, excusing himself from the table. He walked over to the computer system that was standard in all pokemon centers, picked up the phone attachment, and dialed the Professor's number. After a moment of the screen being black, it flickered on, and the video feed of Professor Oak came through.

    "Hello? Ash! How are you!" Oak said politely, his mouth curled in a smile.

    "Great. I just wanted to let you know that I'll be stopping by tomorrow to see you and my mom." Ash informed him.

    "Well I can't wait. Oh, there's someone here who wants to speak to yo-" Oak began before being cut off by a mound of moving sludge. The pokemon, Muk, pushed Oak out of the camera space and began yelling its name in excitement at seeing his master again.

    "Hahaha. It's good to see you too Muk." Ash admitted. After a moment, Oak pushed Muk back and resumed the conversation.

    "Well Ash, Muk isn't who I was talking about." He said. Immediatly, another being pushed Oak out of the shot. This time though, it wasn't a pokemon. Her hair was orange and kept in a side ponytail. She donned blue shorts, a yellow tank top, and suspenders, all topped off with a big smile.

    "Ash!" Misty yelled, almost hurting Ash's ears through the small phone.

    "Misty! It's great to see you!" He said just as happily as she did. "We stopped by Cerulean City to see you, but your sisters told us you went to see my mom."

    "Heh heh. Sorry about that. So, you'll be here tomorrow?" She asked with excitement while using a free hand to keep Oak out of the shot.

    "Yeah." Ash replied.

    "Well, I can't wait to see you!" She said before being nudged out of the shot by Oak. The two remained in struggle for the video space, at which Ash laughed.

    "Guys, guys, calm down. I'm in Viridian. I'll see you both tomorrow." He assured them, trying to quell the situation.

    "Alright Ash. Tomorrow it is!" Oak said before losing yet again to the teenage girl and losing the video space.

    "Hurry up and get here Ash Ketchum!" She scolded in her oh so famous 'angry Misty' voice.

    "Alright alright. See you tomorrow." Ash said before disconnecting the signal. He put the phone back on the receiver and sat back down at the table to eat his breakfast.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Team Void Underground -West Member's Quarters
    = = = = = = = = = =

    The Viridian Gym was no more. All that remained in it's destruction was the network of underground hallways and rooms, which were now the headquarters of Team Void. Staff began to fill the rooms and assume their duties. Their primary task at the moment: Locating their future business partner, Mewtwo.

    However, in one particular room, there was no work or business being conducted. This room was The West Member's Quarters. Once, it was where members of Team Rocket would sleep. Now, it was merely a holding cell for Jessie and Cassidy, two of the last four remaining members of Team Rocket in Viridian City.

    At the doorway, two members of Void looked at the women.
    "Bastards... Those bastards..." Cassidy said to Jessie. "How can they do this to us?" She questioned, knowing Jessie had no better an answer than she.

    Jessie, sitting upright and turned to Cassidy.

    "They can do it to us because we were weak... We couldn't beat them... They were better than us... than Team Rocket..." She said, her voice weighted down with sorrow"So, what do we do?" Cassidy asked Jessie.

    "Nothing we CAN do. I'm too tired to try and escape at the next shift change, and we can't get any sleep around here... I don't know what to do... I just don't know..." Jessie admitted in defeat.

    "Well Jessie, we've got an hour... Let's think of something..."

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Void Information Room
    = = = = = = = = = =

    "Gotcha." A member of Void said to himself as he looked on at the computer screen. On screen was a map, shown in green lines of varying heights; It was a flawless 3D interpretation of a small island. After announcing his victory, Psyche and Jester came to either side of him and looked at the screen.

    "You sure?" Psyche asked, wanting no mistakes.

    "One-hundred percent positive. Mewtwo is on that island." The Void said with certainty. Jester let out a small laugh and turned to Psyche.

    "So, shall we schedule a meeting with our future partner? Or should we just pop in and say 'hi?'" Jester asked, already knowing the answer.

    "Matt, prepare a chopper. You, Jester, and I are going to this island. It's time to pay a visit to this... Mewtwo." Psyche said to Matt who was on the other side of the room.

    "You know..." Jester began. "Mewtwo, according to these files, is the most powerful pokemon to ever exist." He said, as if trying to instill fear into Psyche.

    "That's only because Giovanni didn't have records on my Gengar." Psyche corrected, a small smile on his lips.


    "But seriously Jester, this won't be easy." Psyche warned. "No bullshit on this mission. We're both coming full force, just in case Mewtwo doesn't like our proposal."

    "Don't worry man. Gardevoir and I can take care of anything." Jester said, patting the pokeball in his special jacket pocket.

    "That's just my point... Don't rely on her for everything. She and Gengar may be strong, but Mewtwo is something else..." Psyche said, taking none of Jester's bullshit cockiness.

    "Chill dude. This is gonna be a cake walk."

    = = = = = = = = = =
    En Route to Pallet Town
    = = = = = = = = = =

    It was nearly nighttime, and Ash and his friends were beginning to feel tired. They were about five or six miles from Pallet Town, but none of them felt up to closing the distance that night. They decided to set up camp for the night. They pitched their tents, started a fire, and unrolled their sleeping bags. The four of them sat up around the fire, cherishing the warmth.

    "So, what now?" Max asked, getting looks of confusion from the others.

    "What do you mean? We're going to Ash's place." Brock said, not understanding what Max meant.

    "No Brock. I mean, what now? There are no more badges to earn, no more leagues to compete in, nothing... What now?" He asked again, a hint of sadness in his voice. The others understood.

    "Well..." Ash began, the question getting the better of him. "Hey, how far until we reach Pallet Town?" He said, changing the subject. With a sigh, Max reached into Brock's backpack, looking for his small navigation system. He began to search through the bag more frantically, until finally he began to freak out.

    "The Pokenav! Where is it!?" He yelled, getting only shrugs.

    "I don't know." May admitted.

    "We must have forgotten it at the Pokemon Center." Brock said, snapping his fingers. Max stood and grabbed Brock by the shoulders and shook him.

    "We have to go back!" He yelled.

    "Max, can't we just get it tomorrow?" May said, giving a small yawn afterwards.

    "No, Max is right." Brock said. "If he and I just go get it now, we can be back by morning and finish going to Pallet Town." It seemed logical to everyone. Pikachu leapt onto Brocks shoulder, insinuating that he wanted to go along. Brock and Max packed up and set off, slowly fading into the darkness, leaving only Ash and May by the fire. May curled up, pulling her knees into her chest.

    "So..." May began. "That Misty friend of yours is going to be there, huh?" She asked quietly. Ash turned with a smile.

    "Yeah. It's been so long since I've seen her. I can't wait to get there." He said, May only giving a small frown. Ash's eyebrows rose, noticing he may have said something wrong. "What's the matter?"

    "Heh... It's nothing." She started. After a moment, she continued. "I heard you two on the videophone today. Sounds like she really wants to see you."

    "Well, she and I are old friends. She, Brock, and I were friends since I started as a trainer." He said, explaining their friendship. "What's wrong May?"

    "It just sounds like... she likes you." May finally said, her gaze locked on the fire.

    "Of course she likes me. We're friends."

    "No Ash... you know what I mean." May said, turning to Ash. After a moment, it registered with him.

    "Misty? Naw. No way." Ash said with a smile. However, this small curve turned upside down. "Why is tha-" He stopped. "May..." He said quietly, his eyes locked with hers. She made a small smile and squeezed her legs tighter. "Do you..." She nodded. He turned away from her and looked at the crackling fire. "May, I..." He began, unsure of how to word his sentence. When he looked up again, she was closer. She had closed the gap between them so only a foot remained. May's cheeks were flushed pink, but she too, stared only at the fire.

    "Ash... I just saw the way that you two were talking. It made me jealous. It made me want to be in her position. It made me want you to talk to me like that. With so much excitement and joy." May admitted, her cheeks reddening. Ash just looked on in part shock, unmoving.

    "May... I... I like you as a friend... But..." He said, but stopped when she closed her eyes. Slowly, she turned to look at him.
    "Just go to sleep." She snapped, fighting back tears. "Tomorrow you can see your precious Misty and be happy." Unable to hold back anymore, she let a sob get out.

    "May..." Ash said, understanding what he did. She gave no reply. Quietly, he got into his own sleeping bag and shut his eyes... Despite how he tried, he couldn't sleep.
    It took several hours for the grip of sleep to take him away.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    The Next Morning - Helicopter
    = = = = = = = = = =

    The artificial bird sped over the water at amazing speed, it's passengers all eagerly awaiting their descent. Psyche, Jester, and Matt, three members of Team Void were all seated patiently, knowing it would take some time before reaching the island. Jester shuffled a deck with strange silence, the cards emitting no sound.

    Miles in the distance though... A being awaited... It's power was unmatched... It's temper unequaled... Sleeping inside of a cave, the ultimate pokemon, Mewtwo, waited. He sensed their pending arrival, and anticipated their encounter...

    CHAPTER 4: The Search is on

    = = = = = = = = = =
    The Island
    = = = = = = = = = =

    The helicopter landed delicately, well, as delicately as a several hundred point piece of flying metal can. As the blades came to a stop, Jester, Psyche, and Matt jumped off the inner platform, their boots crunching the grass beneath.

    The island was beautiful in every sense of the word; rolling hills of green grass, lush trees in the distance, a mountain formation that caressed the shoreline... It was paradise. The sound of Pidgey and leaves rustling in the wind were all that was heard once the iron bird ceased it's functions.

    Taking a deep breath of natural air, Jester looked around.

    "Amazing... To think such a serene piece of land still existed..." After another breath, he added. "Be sure to build something here in the future... Something possibly toxic... A waste dump of some kind!" He said with twisted glee.

    "Shaun, shut up." Psyche said half-jokingly, looking around.

    "So, where is Mewtwo hiding?" Matt asked, not knowing where to start. Psyche's mouth turned to a frown, his brow lowering.

    "Good question. The computer only told us about the island." Psyche remarked, realizing the situation.

    "Let's split up gang! Shaggy, you and Scooby go check out the basement where the corpse was found. Be sure to check every inch of the body for the murder weapon. Velma, you look in the swamp where there were sightings of the monster. Remember, it rapes all it's victims, so keep on the lookout. Daphne and I will go fuck in the grand bedroom and wait for one of you to find something." Shaun said, giving a spot-on Fred impression. Psyche and Matt gave him blank stares, looked to each other, and then back at Shaun.

    "As much as I truly hate to admit, Jester is right. We need to split up. I'll check out the mountains to the north. Matt, you look along the west shoreline. Jester, the forest to the south is all yours. Let's go."

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Team Void Base - West Member's Quarters
    = = = = = = = = = =

    The door opened, Jessie and Cassidy looking up to see who came in. Adrian, the executive from earlier, walked in with his hands behind his back, a small smile on his face. Jessie's eyes narrowed in anger, but she was too weak to move. Cassidy though, found enough strength to stand.

    "What are you doing?" Adrian asked, a tone of amusement in his voice, a small smile appearing.

    "We both know why you're here. Just get it over with kid." She said. Adrian however, just crossed his arms.

    "I am not hereto beat you up... I'm seventeen for Christ's sake." He said with a laugh. Cassidy stood and looked at him with wide eyes. "I'm not some monster who has come here with the sole purpose slapping you around. I'm a little more... civilized than that." He assured her with a smile. Cassidy relaxed and gave a small grin to Jessie.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Pallet Town
    = = = = = = = = = =

    At long last, it came into view... Pallet Town, Ash's home. However, Ash's face showed no joy at first. The events of the night before still bothered him. He had crushed May, and felt like shit about it, despite the fact he knew he was doing the right thing... But... was it the right thing? May still showed little change in emotion. She avoided conversation with Ash, didn't walk next to him, and usually, averted her gaze. Ash had given up for now, and instead, wanted to enjoy his time back home.

    Unable to resist it anymore, Ash jumped into the air and ran towards the town, Pikachu close behind. Brock and Max smiled, happy to see such joy in their friend. May however, harrumphed and looked away.

    Emerging from one of the houses was a man in his seventies, well kept gray hair atop his head. Despite his age, he showed no signs of bad health. A white lab coat was worn outside his gray shirt, his wrinkled eyes looking out at the horizon. A smile curled on his lips when he saw the familiar silhouette of an old friend running towards him.

    "Professor Oak!" Ash yelled as he flew into the arms of the old man, nearly knocking him over.

    "Hahaha! Calm down Ash! I'm glad to see you too!" Oak said in between chuckles. "Come on in. There's someone else who wants to see you." He said.

    Ash knew of course who it was, and was just as anxious to see her as to see Oak. However, in the back of his mind, he still felt what he did to May. It was all because of jealousy... Jealousy over the redheaded gym leader that had been Ash's friend years before meeting May.

    Not wanting to make his mental state be known, Ash went inside the large pokemon laboratory. The room was empty, devoid of people. However, Ash knew of Oak's massive garden in the back. He was sure that's where Misty was. Rushing for the glass door, he looked through it and saw her. She was seated by the large pond, an array of water pokemon gathered in front of her as she fed them pokemon food. Ash flung the door open and ran towards her.

    "Misty!" He yelled as he closed the distance between them. Misty turned, and in a split second, her casual face turned to one of joy.

    "Ash!" She yelled in return, standing up and opening her arms.

    FWAM! Ash didn't see the rock protruding from the ground and tripped, crashing into the redhead, causing both of their bodies to fall into the pond with a loud splash. After a moment of being submerged, they both got their heads above water and gasped for breath. Ash's face, a guilty smile, looked at Misty. Expecting a welcome, he instead got what he hadn't felt in a long time... A knock upside the head by Misty's curled fist.

    "Usual, clumsy ol' Ash Ketchum." Misty commented with a sigh. Suddenly, she pulled him close for a hug. "I missed ya." She said with a smile.

    Oak and the others entered the garden. Perfect timing too, May's first sight being Ash and Misty, soaking wet, hugging each other. Passing it off with an angry humph, she let it seem like nothing happened. Brock yelled out at the two, waving an arm.

    "Misty! Long time no see!" He yelled. Misty broke the embrace and looked to Brock, waving back.

    "Brock! It's great to see you." She yelled back before turning back to Ash, a hint of agitation soon returning to her face. "Well, now I'm all wet. Luckily for you Ash, I have a change of clothes. If I didn't, I'd have to beat the crap out of you." She said with a smile while climbing out of the pond. As she walked away, taking a moment to say hi to the others, Ash looked her over. Something was different about her... He couldn't put his finger on what though... Then, she turned around and yelled.

    "Ash, if you stay in there too long, you'll get sick! Get dry you silly boy!" She said in her usual, aggravated, yet humorous tone. He had known Misty for nearly five years now, but now he is seeing her, a young adult, growing up... maturing... If anything, this would make May even more jealous. She was younger than Misty, and didn't have much upstairs. Ash hoped that May wouldn't make his time with Misty any less enjoying, though in realistic thought, he knew she would.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Saffron City
    = = = = = = = = = =

    "Uh... Uh... UGH!" The young woman shouted, as she was tossed around like a rag doll.. Her hair was long, straight, and black, an exquisite example of silky perfection. The sight off her own blood made her faint. "Good job Rhydon." Michael complimented, watching his pokemon's handy work. "You see Sabrina? This could have been avoided if you just surrendered your gym." Michael said, speaking a simple lie. Even if she gave in without struggle, she'd still find herself in a similar position.

    Michael moved away from the scene and entered the psychic's training room. The room was filled with tables and chairs, in which aspiring psychics would test each other with symbol cards, seeing how many the others could guess with their abilities. However, the room now was nothing more than a prison camp. Lining the walls were several trainers, their belts stripped of pokeballs. Most were boys, but here and there was a young girl. Michael had given instruction to not touch any of the girls, knowing all too well the tendencies of Void Members.
    Michael surveyed the frightened eyes of the children, then spoke.

    "Here is your current situation. My name is Michael, I am leader of Team Void, the ones who now hold this gym... The ones who now hold all of Saffron City. You have seen our power. You have seen your strongest pokemon brought to their knees at the hands of a single Heracross. You have seen the neighboring Fighting Gym be decimated by a single trainer. You have seen your leader, Sabrina, defeated. So now, let me put before you a simple choice. Join Team Void, or meet the same fate as those who fought before you..."

    To the children, the choice was simple.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    The Island
    = = = = = = = = = =

    "I hate these mountains..." Psyche commented. He strode through the rocky path, the cold, biting winds wearing on his nerves. "'Beautiful' this, and 'paradise' that. Jester doesn't know what the ell he's talking about." He said aloud. "Right Gengar?" He questioned, looking down to his right where his faithful Gengar was, walking right alongside him.

    "Gar." It returned, nodding it's purple frame. With a smile, Psyche looked back up, now finding himself at a fork.

    "Fantastic." He whispered. Looking to his left, then to his right, he sighed and went left. "Why not? We've got plenty of time..."

    He had no idea how much time he meant. Psyche spent four hours wandering in the mountains, his black suit doing very little to cool him.

    "I voted for white suits, but nooooo... 'Black is in style.'" Psyche said, mimicking Jester's input when there was a meeting about the team uniform. "Gengar, remind me to punch that sob, okay?" He asked Gengar, who nodded and chuckled. Suddenly, something caught Psyche's eye. A cave... A large one... With a satisfied smile, Psyche moved towards it. "That pokemon probably isn't even in the mountains. We can escape he heat in here and wait for Matt or Shaun to find Mewtwo." Psyche said, the two of them entering the shade of the cave.

    He unbuttoned his suit, took off his sunglasses, and sat down, the cold dirt giving him a relieved feeling. With a sigh, he leaned against the cave wall, taking in the cold air with relief.

    "Much better, huh Gengar?" He asked his pokemon. After not hearing an answer, Psyche opened his eyes and looked down the cave. "Gengar?" He asked his pokemon, who was standing still as a statue, it's eyes locked on something unseen. After a lengthy silence, a voice echoed out that sent a chill down Psyche's spine.

    "Who dares disturb my slumber?" The voice said. It was odd though... It wasn't a spoken voice... "Humans..." It added. Psyche figured it out. "I hate humans..." The voice was in his head. "Strange, isn't it... We hate what made us... Children hate their parents... I hate mankind... Seems fair to me..." The voice continued. Psyche wanted to speak, but he couldn't bring himself to. "Why have you come here? Another pitiful attempt to earn my friendship? Or are you going to cut the bullshit and just try to enslave me?" The voice grew deeper... angrier. "Whatever your purpose may be... I will not hear a word of it... This cave, young human, will be your grave."


    CHAPTER 5: Showdown

    "Who are you?!" Psyche yelled into the darkness. He looked around in all directions, seeing nothing but dark rock walls and behind him, sunlight. Ahead of him was his Gengar, looking down the cave tunnel. It's eyes were transfixed on something unseen... something powerful. Taking out his walkie talkie, Psyche called for backup. "Jester, come in. Jester, do you read me?"

    "Loud and clear mang." The voice replied. "You bored too?"

    "Listen you idiot... I think I've found the target. I'm in a cave in the mountains. Get your clown ass over here." He said, shutting it off before Jester could retort to the clown comment. Suddenly, a laugh, coming from all around.

    "Amusing. You humans and your toys. If you're so intent on finding me, come back here already." The voice said, a small chuckle escaping it. Gengar growled in dispproval, breaking it's gaze on the tunnel to look at it's master, awaiting orders. After a moment on consideration, Psyche spoke.

    "Gengar, Jester and Gardevoir are gonna be here soon. But we have to see what's down there." He said, Gengar nodding in understanding. The two began their long walk into the cave's depths, the massive tunnel going for what seemed like miles. Every so often, the voice would mock that they were "getting closer" and other such taunts. Finally, the two entered a large chamber, the circular room having around a hundred foot diameter. The walls were smooth, a strange difference from the natural formation of the walls on the way there. At the other end of the room though, was what they were looking for.

    The pokemon's body was humanoid, but with features of a feline. It's face elongated like a cat's, two ears emerging from the top of it's head, and it's body covered in short, white fur. It's stomach and tail were dark purple and as the creature lay suspended, curled in a fetal position, the sheer power of it could be felt from all those yards away. The pokemon's eyes were closed, but it was still conscious, apparent due to the telekenetic messages.

    Psyche and Gengar looked on at their future business partner, and faltered, not sure of what to do. Finally, another message:

    "Come in human, and bring your slave too." The voice said.

    "Gengar is not-" Psyche began before being cut off.

    "'Not a slave, he's my friend'..." The voice said in disgust. "I've heard that one many times before. Frankly, I'm tired of hearing it. Humans shrugging off the truth as a way to make their actions seem justified. You back up your slavery with assurance that it is not wrong. Well human, I tell you this... I am no one's slave!" The voice yelled, the creature's eyes opening. Shining blue energy erupted from the pokemon, causing both Psyche and Gengar to shield themselves from being blinded. A force pushed them back, but neither lost footing. The energy wave came to a stop, and the two allowed themselves to see again.

    The pokemon was no longer curled. It's outstretched body floated in mid-air, it's 6'5 frame looming in the air. It's eyes showed nothing but hate.

    "I told you that this place would be your grave... You did not heed my warnings." The pokemon spoke with telekinesis. "Now, prove your worth. Show me the might of your slaves. I am Mewtwo, most powerful of all pokemon in the world. And I will not back down from you."

    Psyche unconsciously took a step back, but soon realized his action and stood straight. He reached for a pokeball and held it out.

    "You claim to be the best Mewtwo... Let's see if you're right." Psyche taunted, throwing the ball. In a burst of light, a new pokemon stood. In essence, it was a mummy, a single red eye emerging from between the wrappings. "Gengar, Duskull, it's time to lecture our friend here."

    "You think you will win like that? Ghost or not, my power exceeds that of a normal psychic. Your plan is nothing here human." Mewtwo taunted. "But if using ghosts gives your morale a helping hand, then by all means, lie to yourself."

    "Enough of this! Gengar, Nightshade! Duskull, Faint Attack!" Psyche ordered. From Gengar's eyes erupted two beams of purple energy as Duskull disappeared from sight. The two rays headed towards Mewtwo, but suddenly veered off track with a wave of Mewtwo's hand. The hit the walls and causes chunks of rock to fly into the air. Suddenly, from the shadows came Duskull. Too late for him though. Mewtwo's speed couldn't be matched. When the ghost threw out it's strike, Mewtwo's hand had already gripped it with psychic energy. The helpless ghost was thrown into the air, unable to move. Mewtwo's power display only became scarier when the helpless Duskull was hit in mid-air with Mewtwo's signature move, The Shadow Ball. With this single attack, Duskull was shot into the cave wall, falling unconscious with a hard thud.

    Psyche's jaw dropped at this display of power. In a few seconds, one of his strongest pokemon was obliterated, and an attack from his champion countered with a single hand gesture.

    "Like I said human... I am the most powerful pokemon in the world..."

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Saffron City
    = = = = = = = = = =

    Michael sat in the throne of the once gym leader, Sabrina, playing with a pokeball in his hand. From under his shades, he looked over the scene before him. Void members were everywhere, cleaning up chunks of rock after the massive battle that took place. Sabrina's power was great in the eyes of Michael, but just like all others, she fell before the mighty horn of Heracross. He thought that he'd need the power of Moltres to bring the gym down, but it's power as a collective disappointed him. So for the moment, Moltres lay in wait in a small mountain range nearby, out of sight.

    Frantically running, a Void member reached the throne, bowed, and assumed a straight stance. His black suit was drenched with sweat, as if he had been in the sun for hours.

    "Sir..." He began, taking a moment to catch his breath. "Sir, I'm here from Viridian." He began. "The construction of the new gym has begun. What is our next course of action?" He asked, finally regulating his breathing.

    Michael took a moment to silently consider his options, and at last, smiled.

    "Nothing. For now, the ball is in the court of our opposition. Continue construction of the gym while we fortify this city. Once that is done, if there has been to retaliation, we will move on to Celadon and eventually, the entire land." Michael said.

    "Sir, may I address a concern?" The void asked, getting a nod from Michael. "What about the Elite Four?" He asked. At this, Michael only smirked. He let the pokeball in his hand drop, and released the pokemon inside, Heracross. "Do you see this?" He said, pointing to the beetle. "That, my friend, and the phoenix in the mountains nearby, are all we need." He said with a smile. "Now, is that all?" He asked.

    "Yes sir."

    "How did you get here?" Michael asked, noticing the large amount of sweat on the soldier's suit. "A flying pokemon?"

    "No sir, I don't have any fliers. I rode my Dodrio." He said. At this, Michael raised his eyebrows.

    "How long ago did you leave?"

    "A day ago." The void responded. "No one positioned in Viridian had a flier, so I used the fastest pokemon we had."

    "You earned some rest. Go down the hall to your left and go into the fourth door on your right.. You deserve it." Michael said, getting a wide smile from the void.

    "Thank you sir." He said, bowing, quickly walking off towards Sabrina's room. After a moment, Michael looked to his Heracross and grinned.

    "Well my friend, we shall witness the fall of The Elite Four. With you at my side Heracross, we are unstoppable." He said, Heracross returning Michael's evil grin with one of it's own. The pokemon, as unbelievable as it may be, was just as evil as it's master.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Pallet Town
    = = = = = = = = = =

    "And just where is he?" May asked impatiently, hints of anger in her voice. Brock and Max forced back smiles and gulped, knowing May was in no mood for jokes. The three of them were in the living room of Ash's house, all of them just recently waking up. May awoke to find the house missing not only Ash, but Misty.

    "Who? Ash?" Max asked innocently, already knowing the answer.

    "Who else?!" She yelled in response. Suddenly, a fourth person walked in, stirring a bowl of batter for baking. It was Ash's mother, a smile shining on her face.

    "Ash? He and Misty went for a walk earlier today. They wanted to catch up on things." She said with a smile, still stirring with a long wooden spoon. "It's been quite a while since they've seen each other. They've always been such good friends." She said, not quite aware of May's opinion on everything. "You know, I always wondered why those two never got closer. Misty is such a nice girl. As a mother, I would approve." Her cheery voice did nothing but kill May, but she was oblivious to the situation. Without warning, May stormed out of the house, leaving the other three alone in an awkward silence. "Was it something I said?"

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Outskirts of Pallet
    = = = = = = = = = =

    Ash and Misty walked slowly down a dirt path, Pikachu sitting patiently on Ash's shoulder. The two spoke of old times, meeting different exciting people and pokemon, recalling their amazing adventures; times both fun and sad. The two had been walking for hours, losing track of time. Finally, they sat down near a small stream and lay back on the grass, resting under the sunlight.

    "So, how long are you here?" Ash asked Misty, turning his head to look at her. She turned to meet his eyes and smiled.

    "A few more days’ maybe, but then I really have to get back to Cerulean City... I know my sisters can't hold down the gym on their own." She laughed a bit. "They're so helpless." Ash joined in her laughter, then turned back to the sky. "So, what about you? Going off another journey?" Misty asked with a grin.

    "No, not now... I don't know of anyplace else to win badges... So, I'm just gonna stay home for a while." Ash said, relishing the idea of not having to sleep on the hard ground, thinking every moment that in the middle of the night, some huge pokemon would trample him.

    "Too bad. I could use another adventure." Misty admitted. "It's boring to be a gym leader. You have to stay in your gym and take on a bunch of amateurs." She sighed. "I miss whoopin' Team Rocket's ass too..." They both had a good laugh at that.

    "Well, if another adventure pops up, I'll be sure to tell you." He said.

    "Those were the good ol' days... You, Brock, and I going to the pokemon league... Battling Team Rocket... Winning badges... I miss it... I missed you..." She admitted, blushing slightly. Ash's thoughts drifted to May... He knew that her suspicions were in the right place... There was always a chance for Ash and Misty, and both he and May knew it... "Well, we better get back. Your mom's making her special muffins." She said, standing up. "I'll race ya!" She said, running off, Ash hesitating a moment. Quickly getting up, Ash joined in the race, his thoughts elsewhere.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    The Cave
    = = = = = = = = = =

    "Well human... Do you give?" Mewtwo taunted, looking on at the beaten body of Gengar. Behind it laid the inert body of Duskskull, and a new body, Misdreavus, also unconscious. Gengar was barely standing, it's smile unseen. "Your ghosts are nothing."

    "Gengar isn't just some ghost, Mewtwo. He isn't a slave, or a weapon, or just some means to an end... He is a friend, and he and I will show you our point of view, whether it's by words or by force." Psyche said, his words not only amazing himself, but Gengar, who now stood with new purpose.

    "How touching." Mewtwo said. "Words are words human. No amount of friendship between you two will prevent your Gengar from laying dead at my feet as a traitor." The Pokemon said, throwing another Shadow Ball. As Gengar braced for impact, the orb suddenly flew off course, hitting a wall. "What?!" Mewtwo yelled, not knowing what happened. Suddenly, behind Psyche came two figures.

    "Jester! Matt!" Psyche yelled, a grin crossing his lips. "But wha-" He began, before having his question answered. In a small flash of light, Gardevoir appeared, making use of it's Teleport ability.

    "Looks like we found you just in time." Jester said smiling, looking at Gengar, then at Mewtwo. "So, that's him..." He said to himself. Appearing from Matt's pokeball, a blue warrior now stood. It's beak was golden and sharp, it's webbed hands brandishing razor sharp claws.

    "Alright Golduck, let's do this." Matt said, clenching his fist. The pokemon stepped forward, standing alongside Gardevoir. Gengar soon joined on the other side, the trio now facing off against Mewtwo.

    "Pitiful..." Mewtwo simply said, raising his hands, blue energy forming.

    "Golduck, Light Screen!" Matt ordered, his pokemon raising a shield of energy. The barrier protected the trio from Mewtwo's psychic blast or only a moment. Soon, the shield broke, and all three were sent back. "Damn, he's strong." Matt commented.

    "Well, he is the most powerful pokemon in the world." Jester taunted. "Gardevoir, show him a real Psychic." He said. Gardevoir, the elegant maiden of a pokemon, raised her hands and let loose her psychic energy, the blue soon clashing with that of Mewtwo. It didn't last long. Gardevoir was blown back, her slender frame crashing into Jester.

    What followed was quite possibly one of the grandest ass kickings in history. Gengar met it's match when hit with a Shadow Ball. Golduck met the same fate. Replacing Golduck with Steely, Matt was back in the match. Gardevoir still stood, her energy nearly gone. Mewtwo however, still levitated, his power seemingly endless.

    "Ditto!" Psyche called, releasing his pink pokemon. Mewtwo laughed at the glob, crossing his arms.

    "So, you've given up on trying to beat me, and now you try to make me laugh my way into submission. I must say, that's a better tactic than what you've been trying."

    "Ditto, Transform! Become Mewtwo!" He ordered, the blob slowly morphing itself. In a moment, there were two Mewtwo's staring each other down, a look of disgust on the original's face.

    "This is an insult. That is nothing but a sickening copy!" The pokemon yelled in anger.

    "Mewtwo... Think about it. What are you if not a sickening copy of Mew?" Jester said. Before the smile could even begin, the teen's body was send crashing into the rock wall, his hat falling to the ground as his spine met the rock behind him. Falling motionless, Psyche and Matt turned in shock, Gardevoir rushing to her master's side.

    "I will hear no more of this!" Mewtwo shouted, his eyes turning blue.

    "We have to get out of here!" Psyche yelled to Matt, who nodded. "Gardevoir!" He shouted, trying to get the pokemon's attention as she shook the body of her master in panic. "Use your teleport and get us out!" He said, Gardevoir nodding in understanding. They all huddled around the pokemon, and in an instant, were zapped away, leaving Mewtwo alone. He allowed his power to slowly fade away, seeing no need to release the attack.

    "Pathetic... Simply pathetic... Is there a single person or pokemon in this world that is even a match for me...?" Mewtwo said to himself, slowly curling into a ball again. "No... Which is why I will never be a slave? I am what I am... I am Mewtwo, strongest in the world... No one is my master..." He said as he allowed himself to drift into suspended animation.

    CHAPTER 6: Resistance Rising

    "What do you mean you didn't 'get his cooperation?!'" Michael yelled, standing suddenly from Sabrina's throne in the Saffron City gym. His fist slammed down on the arm rest of the throne, his sudden burst of rage causing many Void members to flock into the main chamber, their curiosity getting the better of them. Standing before Michael were Evan and Matt, two of the three beaten Void executives. "I send you two, along with Jester, to take care of Mewtwo and bring him to our side! I thought I could depend on three Executives to beat down a single pokemon!" Michael yelled, the rage visible in his eyes, even under his sunglasses.

    The heads of Psyche and Matt were lowered, half in respect, half in shame. Their faces were covered in sweat and dirt, the undesired after effect of facing off against what truly was, the world's strongest pokemon.

    "Where is Jester?!" Michael shouted, demanding an answer.

    "Sir, we dropped him off at the first medical facility we came across. It's in Viridian City. Mewtwo was located off the coast of Cinnabar Island, but since we knew the place was a tourist trap and he'd get no immediate attention, we went to Viridian." Psyche explained, trying to show no fear or hesitation.

    "And why is he receiving medical attention? Isn't that what his pokemon deserve?" Michael countered, narrowing his eyes.

    "During the battle, Mewtwo launched a direct attack on Jester and knocked him unconscious." Matt explained, giving Psyche a break from the interrogation.

    "Well, he'll remain there and work with Adrian on building the gym. You two, as of now, lose your rank as Executive Member. Your new orders are to join the other Voids in preparing to attack Celadon City. As of now, the only one in charge here in Saffron, is me... Understood?"

    Psyche and Matt were forced to agree to the terms.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Pallet Town Outskirts
    = = = = = = = = = =

    May was on her back, letting the tips of the grass blades beneath her tickle her arms as they supported her head. A wonderful breeze came through, May smiling in satisfaction at the little delight. She was about half a mile from Oak's lab, near a large tree that provided ample shade. She had been there for nearly an hour, enjoying her time away from everything. It gave her time to go over the past day in her head. She admitted to herself that she came on a little too strongly to Ash, what with trying to stroke him and all. It also gave her time to think about Misty. Misty had never done anything to her, so why should she harbor negative feelings? The only person who she should be frustrated with is herself... May had finally come to terms with that fact.

    The sound of footsteps was heard coming closer and closer. May opened her eyes and looked to her left to see Misty walking towards her, a small backpack slung over her shoulder. Misty, noticing May, appeared surprised to see her, clearing any suspicion of looking for her.

    "Hey!" Misty greeted, waving her hand. She put down her pack and sat down next to May. "How did you know about my favorite resting place?" Misty asked.

    "Great minds think alike." May said with a smile. "Look, I'm sorry if I seemed a little... strange before." She said, wanting to clear up any hazy air between them. Misty smiled.

    "Don't sweat it." Misty said, giving a slight wave of dismissal. "Most friendships start off a little rocky. So, how long have you known Ash?" Misty asked. May thought a moment, and answered.

    "I'd say a little over a year. You?"

    "Quite a few years." Misty replied, looking to the sky. "That idiot trashed my bike and since I expected payment, I tagged along with him during his journeys. After a while, I forgot about the bike and we became friends." She explained. "I'm sure you've noticed that Ash is quite the bufoon." She added with a laugh.

    "Yeah, he can be." May admitted. "So, where is it that you live?" She asked, trying to keep conversation.

    "Cerulean City. A few cities north of here. I'm a gym leader there." She said.

    "A gym leader? Really?" May said, her interest peaking.

    "Yup." Was her simple reply.

    May's mind began working, her gears turning. If she beat Misty, maybe it might impress Ash. Then again, what would that victory prove? Anything? How would it help? Well, it was worth a shot. Here goes nothing!

    "Misty, I challenge you to a pokemon battle!"

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Viridian City Pokemon Center
    = = = = = = = = = =

    Jester was layed out in a small bed, alone in a tiny 8x8 room. His back hurt like hell, and his face had no need to mask the pain. His teeth clenched when he tried to sit up, so he stayed down. A massive headache and partial nausea completed the package, along with some lovely bruises and cuts. At the other end of the room was a TV, suspended from the ceiling. He used the screen as a sort of mirror, but couldn't make out anything clearly.

    Then, entering through the only door in the room, came Nurse Joy, a cheery smile on her face. In her hands was a clipboard, and at her side, Chansey, with a smaller clipboard of her own.

    "Good morning." Joy said with a smile.

    "Funny to meet again like this, huh?" Jester managed to say. He realized then not to talk too much more. The meager task of speech hurt his insides like no other.

    "Not so much funny as tragic." Joy said, her smile fading, a look of concern coming through. "I'm here to do a check off of your pokemon so we don't forget any or get them mixed up. You had six pokeballs on you, with Hypno, Mr. Mime, Masquerain, Gardevoir, Weavile, and Nidoking inside, is that correct?" Joy asked, her eyebrows showing impressment at the list of powerful names. Jester nodded instead of answering, but spoke anyway.

    "Listen... I feel like I'm going to be stuck here a while... Is there anyway I can have my pokemon with me for company?" Jester asked, the pain slowly setting his insides on fire. Joy considered it a moment, then frowned.

    "We really do need to get them fixed up... I suppose you can keep one for company." Joy said, breaking down. "Which one?"

    "Gardevoir." Jester said, needing little consideration. The white skinned maiden was his obvious favorite, most likely due to the fact he began his life as a trainer with that very pokemon. His local professor was a bit of an oddball, and went against the grain of the typical fire, grass, water starters. This man preferred a darker path, giving the choice of psychic, dark, or ghost. Upon choosing psychic, Jester was awarded with Ralts, his first pokemon. Psyche, his childhood friend, chose ghost, and was given Gengar. And as the story goes... The third pokemon went to Michael... Though there are forks in the story that make it hard to tell exactly which pokemon he got.

    For the next few days, Jester spent his time in bed, watching television, the only spark of his days being that he would spend that bored time with Gardevoir. There was no human interaction in this place, Nurse Joy being the only person who ever came in to see him. He was right in the middle of a Void base, and not once did Adrian or someone else come to visit. His only company was his faithful pokemon.

    It was midnight now, but Jester wasn't the least bit tired. The television programs had all become late night soap operas, most of which centered around pokemon. In disgust at the people who made such crap, Jester shut off the TV. He turned to his left to see Gardevoir.

    During her entire stay in the hospital room, Gardevoir had never left the chair by his bedside, constant worry for her master keeping the pokemon from sleeping.

    "You're a good friend Gardevoir." Jester said weakly, the pokemon giving a smile in return. Taking his left hand in hers, her face returned to that of worry. "Don't worry. I'll be fine soon and we'll be out of here." He assured his worried companion, whose eyes showed signs of forming tears. "Hey now... No need for that." Jester said, moving his left hand free of her grasp to wipe the water away. The pokemon muttered it's name quietly and stood, a look of surprise on her master's face. The slender pokemon climbed onto the bed sat at the foot of it.

    Grabbing the thin sheet and pulling it towards her, Jester was now laying on the bed without coverings, uncomfortable hospital supplied pants doing little to stop the biting night air from passing through to skin.

    Gardevoir, being a member of Team Void, knew of the atrocities that the Team committed.
    Adrian had always told Jester that Gardevoir was the most humanlike Pokemon to ever exist, in terms of both physical and mental traits. Gardevoir appeared like a woman, and even had anatomy to match, and much like a select few pokemon, was created with clothing. Just as Jynx had armor and Hitmonchan had a battle dress

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Indigo Plateau
    = = = = = = = = = =

    "What are we going to do? We can't just sit around and let these terrorists do this!" Agatha yelled, her small frame hunched over a walking stick. In front of her stood Bruno and Lorlei, two fellow Elite Four members. "They have taken over Viridian City and Saffron, and now plan to attack Celadon!" The master of poison pokemon yelled. "Something must be done!"

    "What, exactly?" Lorlei asked, her cool, calm voice flowing out like winter air. "They have us closed in. Team Void controls Victory Road. That makes it extremely difficult to pass."

    "But we are The Elite Four!" Agatha yelled. "We are regarded as the most powerful trainers in the world! What kind of reputation would we be making if we backed away?!"

    "Ladies, listen." Bruno said, silencing them. "Agatha's right. We have to do something." He said before being cut off by a fourth person.

    "All of you... be calm for a moment..." Lance began, walking down the stairs of the meeting room to join the others. "This group, 'Team Void,' has taken Viridian and sealed off Victory Road. They think that by doing this, we are helpless. Do you know what this means?" He said, getting no direct answer. "They fear us. They know we are the best, and are trying to hold us back so they can avoid direct conflict." Lance explained, getting smiles from the other three. "I say we hit them hard. Tomorrow, we take back Viridian City."

    CHAPTER 7: Tornado of Emotion

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Saffron City Gym
    = = = = = = = = = =

    "Can you believe this bullshit dude?" Psyche said under his breath to Matt, who stood next to him in a line of Void soldiers. Their heads were slightly lowered, their voices hushed so the new executive, some punk ass, wouldn't hear them. It was morning inspection, a moment of the morning that no member liked. Their uniforms were checked for neatness and perfection, because for some reason, they needed to look their best when burning buildings... Psyche never personally did inspections, so he never knew how pointless it was. Now, he tasted it. "I am not going to take this shit anymore. We have to get out of here."

    The executive heard him speak. The man of around twenty walked over to Psyche, looked into his shades, and frowned.

    "Did I say you could talk, soldier?" The executive said, getting no expression from Psyche. "I don't care if you were an executive... Now, you're just another member of Team Void. So, keep your mouth shut."

    Psyche's hand shot from nowhere, his fist slamming into the cheek of the executive. No one moved a muscle. They all just looked on, the executive on the ground, unconscious, with Psyche standing still above him. Blood flowed from the executive's nose and mouth while Psyche only scowled.

    "Matt, let's go." He said calmly, Matt slowly stepping out of the line of twenty soldiers. "If any of you do a thing to stop us, I will kill you. We may be the same rank now, but remember who I am." Psyche warned, the Voids all taking a step back. "Glad to see we have an understanding."

    The two former executives ran through the gym, looking for the exit. They realized that the way out was across from Michael's throne. To get out, they would have to pass by their boss. Psyche knew that Michael wouldn't buy any excuse, so lying was out of the question. He came to a halt outside a door, getting an idea. He withdrew a pokeball and released his Gengar.

    "What's wrong?" Matt asked in a hurried voice. Without a reply, Psyche gave a hard kick to the door, knocking it down. The wood landed with a heavy thud, three frightened heads turning.

    "Nightshade!" Psyche commanded. Two beams of purple energy shot forth from Gengar's eyes and slammed into the chests of two Void soldiers. One smashed into the wall. The second was blown back. Sabrina the former gym leader of the city her face was that of shock and surprise, not knowing how to best handle the situation. "Get up." Psyche ordered to her.
    "Why did you help me?" She asked in her usual, emotion devoid voice.

    "Let's just say that we all need to get the hell out of here. Put on your clothes so we can do that." Psyche said, wasting no time. Sabrina realized the situation and dressed quickly.She pulled on her red pants and shirt, both lined with gold thread. Her clothes appeared clean, but she appeared anything but. "So, fill me in." Sabrina said to Psyche as she finished putting on her top.

    "Matt and I are breaking out of this place. We need your help." Psyche said quickly. "Our boss is in your seat, so we can't exactly go out the front. We want to avoid blowing a hole in the wall so we don't gather much attention. Therefore, we have to fight our way out the front. Matt and I alone can't beat Michael, but with your help, we can."

    "Nice plan. Except for one thing." Sabrina said blatantly. "I don't have my pokemon."

    "You don't need them... You're a psychic. When he throws a ball, stop it from opening. We'll get a shot in on him and we escape." Psyche explained with a sly smile. "Let's go."

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Outskirts of Pallet Town
    = = = = = = = = = =

    "A battle...?" Misty said in a surprised voice. Her eyebrow was raised in intrigue while May stood and withdrew a pokeball.

    "You're a gym leader. I need to know how good I am." May lied. "Just think of it as a test of my strength." She smiled a combative smile. Misty finally smiled and stood, deciding to play along.

    "Alright May. One pokemon each. Make it good." She said, returning the combativeness threefold. May scowled and narrowed her eyes, staring down her opponent. She would not lose. She would win and tell Ash. Even if he was impressed for just a moment, it would be worth it.

    "Let's go, Beautifly!" May said loudly, throwing the ball. In a flash of light, the beautiful insect pokemon emerged, flapping it's wings happily. Misty laughed a bit.

    "I'm a gym leader May, so don't expect me to go easy for even a second. Blastoise!" She yelled, throwing the pokeball. The giant tortoise emerged, it's twin cannons cocking and aiming for it's foe, Beautifly. May took a step back at the sight of her opponent. The Blastoise had a look of great power and training, it's face almost as determined as Misty's. "You can go first." She offered.

    "Fine! Beautifly, Whirlwind!" May yelled. The pokemon began quickly flapping it's wings, strong gusts of wind blasting towards Blastoise. Misty smiled as the turtle stood it's ground, merely withstanding the attack. May's mouth nearly dropped at the show of vitality.

    "Blastoise, Hydro Pump!" Misty commanded. From the twin cannons shot powerful jets of water headed straight for Beautifly. May told the pokemon to dodge, and it did it's best to obey. Beautifly swerved and dodged away from the blasts, eventually swooping by Blastoise.

    "Stun Spore!" May shouted, the orange dust emitting from it's wings and over Blastoise. Just as May thought she had the upper hand, the tides turned again.

    "Rapid Spin!" Misty said. Blastoise retreated into it's massive shell and began spinning quickly, the force causing the dust to scatter and leave Blastoise untouched. "Hydro Pump!" Misty said triumphantly, knowing the short battle was over. From the five openings in Blastoise's shell came jets of water. Because the pokemon was still spinning, the powerful blasts were going everywhere, one of them slamming hard into Beautifly. The fragile butterfly was sent crashing into a tree, it's body falling limp to the ground. May instantly rushed to it's aid, worried that her pokemon was greatly injured. Misty congratulated Blastoise and returned it to it's ball before coming to May's side. "Is she okay?" Misty asked, a tone of genuine worry to her words. May returned Beautifly to it's ball, and immediately ran away as fast as she could. "May! Wait!" Misty yelled after her, but the girl wouldn't stop. After a while, she vanished over a hill, Misty losing sight of her.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Viridian City Pokemon Center
    = = = = = = = = = =

    "I don't know how much longer I can deal with this shit!" Jester yelled as loud as his injuries permitted. At the moment, he was seated upright, his back supported by several pillows. Standing at the doorway was Nurse Joy, her eyes narrowed at Jester's comment. To his left, as always, was Gardevoir, her eyes locked on Joy, still unsure of what to make of the red headed nurse.

    "I'll have no more outbursts from you young man!" Joy raised her voice. She was about to continue, but Jester was quick to cut her off.

    "Young man? Listen up lady. I don't want to be here, but I need to be." Jester scolded. "Believe me, the second I'm well enough, I'm out of here. But I'm sick and tired of being in this bed!"

    "Well, in that bed you'll stay, whether you like it or not!" Joy snapped. Joy shut the door in a slight rage. Gardevoir stood, but Jester put out a hand and motioned for her to sit. Obeying, Gardevoir took her seat again and looked to Jester for an order.

    "Bitch..." He muttered. Suddenly, from the table at his bedside, Jester's cell phone rang. The ring tone, Constant Motion by Dream Theater, rang out, finally ceasing when Jester answered and Evan, or to the Voids, Psyche, began speaking.

    "I gotta make this quick. Matt and I are getting the fuck out of here and coming to get you. Expect us in a few hours." The call ended there. Jester was left looking at his phone in confusion. He was used to this sort of thing from Psyche, so it didn't surprise him too much. However, he had no idea what he meant by "breaking out." Something was wrong... Very wrong...

    "Gardevoir, we're leaving soon." He said simply, the pokemon's head tilting. "Psyche and Matt are going to be here in a few hours." Jester threw his legs out of the bed, forcing himself to stand. Gardevoir stood to help in worry, but Jester motioned for her to stay. "Gardevoir..." He began. "What do you say to giving the nurse a nice big 'thank you' before we leave?" Jester said slyly, his pokemon smiling in understanding.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Saffron City Gym
    = = = = = = = = = =

    Psyche, Matt, Gengar, and their momentary associate, Sabrina, were ready to make their move. The three were pressed against the wall of the hallway that led to the main throne room. They would have to quickly take out the guards, fend off Michael, and escape in one piece; much harder than it may sound. Sabrina thought their plan was nothing less than insane, but at the moment, no other options showed themselves. Quietly, Matt opened a pokeball and released Golduck, preparing to help fend off the attacks if need be.

    "Okay, are we ready?" Psyche asked, looking back. They all gave nervous nods. "Alright. Matt and I will quickly dispatch the guards. Sabrina, you use your psychic powers to intercept any pokeball Michael may throw so we can all get out. Got it?" He asked, making sure everyone knew their role. "Alright. Three... two... one... go!"

    The three quickly ran into the throne room, finding it filled with Voids. Each side of the throne room had ten Void soldiers, all of them startled by the interruption. Michael, seated in the large golden chair, raised an eyebrow at the sight of seeing Sabrina on the loose.

    "Michael, now-" Sabrina began before Psyche came from behind and delivered a hard jumping kick to the back of her skull. Dropping like a wet towel, Sabrina fell unconscious.

    "Excuse the interruption sir..." Psyche began. "The prisoner escaped. Matt and I chased after her..." He lied, faking panting to make it appear as if he had been chasing her throughout the gym.

    "She escaped...?" Michael said, hints of disbelief hanging off his tongue. "How?"

    "Not sure sir." Matt said, joining in. "We were in the middle of morning inspection when we saw her. We began chasing after her and now, we finally caught her."

    "I see..." Michael said. "You two, take her to her holding cell." He said to two guards. They bowed, grabbed Sabrina's limp body, and took her out of the room. Then, the Void Leader looked at the remaining eighteen guards. "Leave." They looked around for a moment in uncertainty. "Leave!" Michael yelled, slamming his fist down. They scattered, leaving the three alone. "So... Was it your pursuit of Sabrina that left the new executive with a broken nose and missing teeth? Or are you forgetting to say something?" He said, already knowing the full situation.

    "Shit." Psyche muttered in a voice so low, not even he could truly hear it. Someone ratted him out. He was screwed... His mind thought quickly, a wonderful lie coming into existence. "When we left the line-up to chase after her, my elbow accidentally hit him in Shadow Ball! Now!" He yelled from nowhere, Gengar quickly firing the orb of purple energy. Michael dove from the chair to avoid injury as the throne above him was destroyed. When he looked up, the two were gone, the gym door closing behind them.

    "Dammit..." Michael said. After a moment, he smiled. "This may work in my favor..."

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Viridian City - Pokemon Center
    = = = = = = = = = =

    "Let see you talk now Nurse?" Jester mocked. He was seated in a waiting room chair, Gardevoir seated next to him, the two watching the sight before them with great interest. The front door was locked, the blinds down, the lights dim. From outside, the building would appear closed. In the middle of the spacious waiting room, a couple of Jester's pokemon were beating the hell out of nurse Joy.
    "You see Joy, I don't like being called 'young man.'" Jester taunted, his right leg crossed over his left. His head was resting on his hand, a smile of amusement on his face. His gaze shifted to his right, to Gardevoir. Her face was just as dark as his. Apparently, he had rubbed off on her after all the years of being teamed up. "Enjoying yourself Gardevoir?" He asked, Gardevoir turning away from the entertainment and giving a cheerful smile.

    Returning the evil smile, Jester stood and approached the center of the room. He looked down at Joy as tears streamed down her face.He reached into his pockets. He pull out a sharp knife.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Pallet Town - Ash's House
    = = = = = = = = = =

    It was lunch time at the Ketchum residence, but only a fraction of the group was present. Ash, his mother, Brock, and Max were at the table, enjoying a tray of delicious sandwiches. Misty and May had been gone for a few hours, May longer than Misty.

    Ash wondered if it had something to do with the tension between them as of late. May's infatuation with Ash had sent her into a head-on collision with Misty, leaving Misty as the victim. Deep down, Ash knew May was a sensible person, and come to terms with the situation, but their present absence hinted at the latter.

    Just then, Misty walked into the living room, her face devoid of expression. She set her backpack down and silently sat at the table, getting the attention of the other four.

    "Hello Misty." Ash's mother said, her cheery voice breaking the awkward silence. "Care for some lunch?" She offered, holding out a ham sandwich. Misty looked at it, then at her, and smiled.

    "No thank you Ms. Ketchum." She said politely before her face returned to as it was before. The four said nothing for a moment, deciding to leave it alone, but after a moment, Ash spoke up.

    "So, where were you and May?" He asked.

    "Well... I went up to my usual resting place, but she was there. Basically from nowhere, she challenged me to a battle, and after I beat her, she ran away." Misty said in a stale voice, not wanting to sound proud at the victory.

    "That's weird." Brock commented. "Any idea why?" He asked. Misty had no clue, as she was unaware of the situation. The only ones who had the answer to Brock's question were May and Ash; one was missing, and the other didn't speak up.

    "No..." Misty said, her voice low.

    = = = = = = = = = =
    That night in Viridian City
    = = = = = = = = = =

    Psyche and Matt were finally in Viridian City after hours of flying. Psyche relied on Gengar's psychic to fly, whereas Matt had his Skarmory to fly him. At long last, the two former Voids had reached their destination. They set down, both of their pokemon extremely exhausted. Psyche thanked his Gengar and let it rest in the pokeball, Matt doing the same to his Skarmory. The two looked on at the pokemon center in dismay, as it appeared to be closed.

    "It's closed..." Matt said, looking to his younger companion. Psyche though, showed no emotion. He approached the glass door and knocked, unable to see through the closed blinds. He could see a silhouette approach the other side of the door and stand there. It didn't speak.

    "The password is Swordfish." Psyche said, a smile cracking on his lips at the classic joke. Suddenly, the door opened, Jester standing there before him. His top hat was nowhere to be seen, and he was only wearing his red shirt, vest, and pants.

    "Why yes, it is swordfish." Jester said with a smile. "Come on in. Make yourselves at home." He welcomed them, showing them inside. The two entered and Jester shut the door, locking it behind him. The waiting room was a mess; empty soda cans, a broken table, and small puddles of blood. "Welcome to Chez la Jester." He said, horribly mispronouncing the phrase. Matt and Psyche looked around in disgust at the place, putting lots of ocular attention on the liquid.

    "Having fun?" Matt said with a raised eyebrow.

    "I assume you had some fun with the nurse." Psyche said, already knowing the answer. Jester patted his friend on the shoulder and started walking towards one of the back rooms.

    "Myself, and my pokemon." He corrected again.

    The three went into the staff break room. Inside, Nurse Joy was sitting in a chair, with Nidoking standing close by, the pokemon's face pure duty, and at the other end of the room, Gardevoir was seated, her legs crossed patiently
    "So Psyche, what is this all about anyway?" He asked, still not knowing the meaning of the gathering. Psyche took a moment to reply."Michael wasn't too happy with us failing the mission. He dropped us all to grunts, so we broke out and came to get you." He explained, his hand on the back of Joy's head.

    "I see." Jester said. "Well, in that case, I say we go somewhere safe." He thought for a moment, thinking of the safest place. "I've got it! Herman!"

    "The Professor?" Matt asked. "I haven't seen him in ages."
    "I figure that we can trust him. We'll go to him, get some of our other pokemon, and see what happens." Psyche said. "I like the sound of it."

    "Good to hear"
    "I'd be lying if I said otherwise." Psyche admitted. "Too bad you don't have anything." He laughed a bit, looking to Jester as he sat in the chair. To his surprise, Jester smiled and sighed
    "Well... We tricked Sabrina into helping us. We used her as a distraction to escape." He snickered. "So, we got our asses over here to tell you that we're leaving Void, and that you should too."

    = = = = = = = = = =
    Pallet Town - Ash's House
    = = = = = = = = = =

    Night had fallen and it was time to sleep in the Ketchum household. Brock, Max, and Ash's mom were already passed out, there was no sign of May, Misty was in the shower, and Ash was in the kitchen, having a snack before bed. He sat at the dinner table, worried about his missing friend. Earlier, they all searched for her and found nothing, but they knew she'd come back at some point. His hand held the final piece of cookie, which soon disappeared down his throat. He put the small plate in the sink and washed it off before walking upstairs again. On his way to his room, he heard the bathroom door open. From the fog of mist emerged Misty, a towel tied around her from the chest down, covering everything except for her head and shoulders. She held this in place with her left hand while a smaller towel was in her right hand, drying out her hair. She walked to the room she was staying in and entered, closing the door behind her. Ash, now crossed the hall towards his room, but when he passed Misty's room, he realized that the door wasn't quite shut all the way.

    His mind started working in ways it had never done before. He started considering things like "everyone else is asleep," and "it's too dark to see me." He stopped himself from thinking, but was unable to resist. He was sixteen and almost a man; these thoughts were natural. Right? Putting the thoughts aside, Ash gave in. He slowly got on his knees and crawled to the door, peeking in through the inch wide opening.

    Misty was drying her hair while facing the large mirror in her room. “I know you’re there”she said
    "Misty, I'm sorry I don't know what came over me, please, I'm so sorry, I-" He blurted out quickly, stammering for an apology. Smiling, Misty slapped him across the face, but not as hard as Ash would have expected.

    "You deserved that for spying on me." She explained, Ash looking down at the ground.She then kissed him.
    With that, any suspicions that May had were brought into reality. Misty may have struck second and showed her feelings for him, but Ash showed no objection to Misty's actions. Confused? Yes. Stupid? No.

    Ash quickly pushed aside any confusion, stepped forward, and pressed his lips to hers


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    Errr... okay.... I'll read it when I have some times

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    is that the whole story or just one chappie? if its just a chappie, its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo long. its pretty good though
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    wow i read like 1/3 of it only...

    but that's really good =D

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    what the fuckkkkkkkk

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    i'm sure it's good but you MIGHT want to reduce the size in ur next chapter. this thing is too freakin long!

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    you really should make it shorter but very good.

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