Alright, now before I post this song and everyone criticizes me, I will admit outright that I don't fancy myself some great bard. I like to write; that does not mean I am good at it, I know. Nevertheless, I wanted to post just a little of my work.
Also, fyi, I don't have any intended tune for this, I just wrote the words.

I went on a mission trip to Philadelphia at the end of July, and wrote this on the way back. I'd been doubting my faith, God, and Christianity in general, and while in Philly I got things set straight. I was (and still am) very happy about it, since I'd been away from God for some time.
Anyway. Here ya go.


v1 -
I've never been one
To pass the buck
But it's not my fault that
After all this time
I'm still stuck
Lord help me get out of this rut

~ Chorus ~
'Cause it's still just me
Doing the same old things
This has a familiar ring

But I won't take responsibility
I won't admit it, I won't sing
I won't confess I'm doing these things

But when I play the blame game with You
I'm bound to lose

v2 -
I've never been one
To place the blame
But it wasn't me I swear
But here I am
I'm still the same (filled with shame)
Oh Lord get me out of this place


~ Bridge ~
Sometimes when you do it
You have to own up to it
They should have taught us this when we were young

And maybe we should realize
That our problems of all size
We could have brung

Them to Him instead of placing
Them on everyone else,
Man what are we, spacing?


Oh when I play the blame game with You
I'm bound to lose


Yeahh... Like I said, it's not the best, but I'm okay with it. Do tell me what you think; I'm fine if it's criticism too.
I wouldn't be too surprised if God called me a faggot or something