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Thread: What new pokemon games would you like to see for Wii?

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    Default What new pokemon games would you like to see for Wii?

    What new Pokemon games would you like to see for Wii? I would like to see a real Pokemon RPG game for Wii without any gimmicky stuff like having to restore pokemon's sealed up hearts or only being able to capture certain pokemon.

    I think they should make a more normal Pokemon game for the Wii with Gyms and badges, and a bad guy that isn't some weirdo with an afro. You should be able to catch the Pokemon in the Wii game in the normal ways such as going through tall grass, swimming around, going through caves, safari zones, etc. Also, I think if they make a new Pokemon game for the Wii, they should think up three new starters to choose from, instead of having to use an evolution of Evee for the third time.

    Also, If they make a new Pokemon RPG for the Wii, they should bring back the berry trees, poffin making, pokeblock making, contests, making pokeballs from the stuff the trees drop, the casino in one town, fishing, and everything else that makes the GB/GBC/GBA/DS games so much better. Also, I think it should have the 3D perspective that the Zelda games have instead of being top down 3-D. This is the Wii we're talking about and not a handheld system.

    Those are some of my ideas for a new Pokemon game for the Wii. Tell me what you think of them and some of your ideas as well.

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    Not about the Wii, but one thing you said sparked my interest. Would it be possible to have an actual 3D landscape on a handheld game? That would the pwnage right there.

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    agreed in every direction i can think
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