Welcome to Magical Kittens!

The plot -->

A hundred million miles away from earth, there lies the Kitten Island. Beside it, there is a Puppy Island and a Bunny Island.

There were only ten kittens on the Island, and there was only one cat left. The Wise Old Cat. All the Kittens had a Special Power that their family inherits. They believed that they would have a chance to use it, but it is not the time yet.

Everyone was living happily on the island.But one day, every kittens' face turned gloomy. Rumors have said that an evildoer, Dr. Seizer, wanted to destroy all the three islands.

When the rumors started to spread, the Kittens started to worry. As one kittens, Kenn, he went to see the Wise Old Cat.
"I pay my respects to you, Mr. Este," he greeted.
"Ah, I suppose you are here to ask me a question, yes?" he asked.
"Umm, yea," he admitted.
"Do not worry about it, my child. Tell everybody that they do not have to be scared. They just have to go forth, until they see a castle," advised the Wise Old Cat.
"How do you know?" questioned Kenn.
"Just do it!'' replied the Old Cat.

As like the Wise Old Cat expected, Kenn told every kitten what the old cat said. They did not quite believe that, but they said that they will take it as an advice.

Just as the clouds started to move against the wind, revealing the sun, Dr. Seizer really came! The Janitor kitten saw Dr. Seizer's spaceship, and screamed at the top of her voice. Everyone looked out of their window and realized Dr. Seizer's arrival! But all was too late. When they started grabbing their things, the ground already was cracking!

Surprisingly, on each piece of ground, there were two kittens! They thought it was meant to be that way. They remembered what Kenn said, and followed the Wise Old Cat's words.

Rules -->
1-No M18 content.
2-Be Kind to others, meaning no flames.
3-Each can only have one character.
4-No controlling other characters.
5-No godmodding.

Name: First & Last or only first.
Age: Measured in Raks. (5-12)
Appearance: Pic or description will do.
Personality: How your kitten is like, ect,ect.
History: About Its parents, silblings, ect,ect,ect.
Special Power: The one your family inherits.
Others: Those as not mentioned above.